Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Intervention Interruption

We interrupt this intervention for an important announcement.
You are all cordially invited to attend a
Spray Outside the Black Box Party
to be held on Monday August 25th.
I'm going to try my hand at that Mr. Linky thing, (wish me luck) so get your projects ready! Just post your pictures on your blogs and then get ready to link to the rest of us addicts. And for those of you that have just begun your addiction to black spray paint, we'll allow you to show off your very best black painted project, because you know that we all have a secret stash of black spray paint just waiting to be used when this week is over---some of you may actually be using it right now. Caught ya!
Let's all give Cherry a big thank you for coming up with such a great party theme, "Thanks Cherry!"

Now, I hope you won't be disappointed that I'm not going to show you a spray paint project today. I thought it was time to relax a bit so I'm inviting you into my living room.
Not to long ago you stood here in my foyer.

This is my living room. It's long and narrow, measuring 22 feet by 14 feet.
Most rooms that size would be easy to decorate but this one is a bit tricky because three of the four walls have large openings or windows.
The foyer wall has a 7 foot opening (half the wall).The dining wall has an almost 12 foot opening
(more than half the wall).
And the outside wall has 13 feet of huge windows,
plus a few more smaller windows.
This is my summer furniture arrangement. It's a bit unusual, but I like it.
My oldest son said that it's arranged like
we live on a sit-com set,
with the audience sitting outside the windows.
Don't you love family critics?

But this is why I have those big windows
as a design focal point.
Look at the view.
This is the view up the street. Yes, those are mountains.

I don't even want window treatments.
I love the custom mouldings that my husband and I did.
There's a rope light tucked up inside.
It gives off such a soft light.

I call this my fairy window.
I had to talk my contractor into putting it in.

I love the way the light bounces around in this room.
It's my favorite room in the house.

Oh, and a special thank you to Debbie at
Ribbonwood Cottage for giving me this award:


Carry Grace said...

Your living room is beautiful, but my favorite thing is that bookcase filled with pretties!

Valarie Lea said...

Yea!!! How fun! I will try to participate, but I am new to the love of black spray paint so it will probably be black. :)

Also love love love the suitcases :)

Insight, Insanity, Imagination said...

Your home is beautiful! Are those old suitcases stacked up in the corner? LOVE IT!!

Rachel Berry said...

All I can say is WOW! I'm with nikki, I'm in love with your bookcase full of white pretties! And I love the trim work. We are all about trimwork in this house.


joelandbecca said...

I love all your windows!!!! Makes me so jealous. I feel like we are in a cave with our shortage of big windows! Oh well...and yes, your trimwork is amazing!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I can see why you love this room so much.... awww the light that it brings in. Beautiful! I have a hard room to place den. I guess thats why Im always changing things up. Your's look so nice and neat. Love it!

Tabitha said...

Ok, I'm gonna study those photos of your home more closely in a moment (your house is so fab!), BUT--no kidding, I was seriously just back from outside after spray painting a metal flower bucket black, just moments ago!! That's creepy. I have a project I'm working on, with black and other colors. BUT, I may go find me something new to paint black this weekend, just for Monday!!! :)
Hop on over to see my progress so far. Thanks for the Mr. Linky--they always give me such great ideas!!!
Roots & Wings

Darlene said...

Your living room is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it!! Wow...looks like a designer home! Those suitcases are really neat stacked that high...and your windows and the view...TDF!!!!! I also love your fairy window.

Thanks for giving us a look into your beautiful home. No wonder you have so much creativity!

Tabitha said...

Duh, paint outside the black box--so my project will be perfect!!! :)

Ashley said...

It is so very pretty. I love the colors. You seriously should design professionally. I miss living by huge mountains and all that fresh air.

Blogger said...

Joy, I love your moldings on your windows and those views, wow! I see you have some sort of huge clear vase...with pussy willows in them? I have one, that is empty right now...and sometimes I put it upside down because I like the way it looks like that, too...weird, I know. I would love to see a close-up shot of that vase sometime...and if you change it with the seasons, I would like to see those, too...gotta get my copy on;)


Michelle said...

Wow...what a view...Love the molding yall put around the are right...I wouldn't want curtains either.
Beautiful room...

I want to join in but I'm on a black kick this fact I just did my $5.00 project...will post soon...then I have a piece of old funiture to of course....maybe I'll wait to next week sometime.....maybe I need therapy too:)

Anonymous said...

Yes, very peaceful. Love the mountains it's like the veiw from my mom's kitchen window.
I wouldn't cover the lovely mouldings either.

Can't wait for the PARTY!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

I'm back to see what else you are up to, Joy! I love these pics of your home, so very pretty. My favorite thing in your house is that beautiful hutch with all the pottery piece. Lovely!

I love the idea of the spray paint party, but don't have anything going on at the moment. Look forward to seeing the projects though.

Lady Dorothy said...

Seeing your living room as a whole, I definitely don't think you have too much black!! You also have a great deal of white!

My living room is an odd room for furniture placement, too. I'm still not satisfied with what I have. I may try out a few ideas of yours! Thanks for the little tour!

Shirlee said...

So nice to see pics of a whole room and what a large room it is. Our whole LR/DR is only 11 1/2 X 30.
And what an added bonus to have such a great view.
Thanks for sharing! :)

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

That room is so pretty I'm a little green with envy! :) I LOVE the tall stack of suitcases and the bookcase with the pottery is gorgeous, and your urns with mossy balls, and the candlesticks...I could go on & on!! You have done an amazing job in your living room--Brava!!


ps--also loving the tin shelf from your last post! I just got a similar one but in grey-blue!

nikkicrumpet said...

Well your living room is simply about a closeup of those stacked suitcases....THAT LOOKS AWESOME! I can see there would be some design dilemmas in this room...but you handled them perfectly.

Unknown said...

Hi Joy,
the party Monday sounds like fun. I think I know what I'll do.
Your living room is beautiful. Thanks for posting!

cherry said...

I will be late to the party..we are going on a little family vacation. Probley late Monday. You need to come give me advice on my new cabinet. cherry

Trixi said...

Joy, I have one word for this room, breathtaking. I would love to have that 22X 14 room to get that view!!!
Thank you for sharing.
I can't wait until your spray paint party. You need a cute button for it!!!

Janet said...

Love your Living Room and I love the color/finish on your hutch/dispaly cabinet.


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

What a beautiful room. I agree, the light is just perfect. And, I will have to think of something that I recently spray painted (not difficult) for your party!

Unknown said...

Thanks for replying to my comment with a comment. I've been dwelling on blogging for a while, but I'm just now getting brave enough to do it. I'll start looking out for Johnson Brothers and see if they have made my pattern as well. I happened across it, really by accident, but the Canonsburg American Traditional is the main one I collect. It was made in PA and the plant closed in the 70's. They are hard to come by down here, so I've never found any in thrift stores or flea markets, sadly. I'm planning a trip to PA though :) I am a strong believer in using what I have, especially if it's beautiful. Of course some things are really only practical for special occasions. But, yes, we eat off the Canonsburg every day (my cats even eat off them sometimes.) I think they are durable enough for every day and pretty enough for special occasions. Wow, sorry this turned into such a large comment. I'm obviously passionate on the topic of dishes. Perhaps I should take some pictures and write a little post on my collection. I'm enjoying your blog very much-and your light hearted approach to most things decorative...a can of spray paint can fix many things. And it's easy on a budget!

Anonymous said...

How fun! I can't wait to see everyone's projects. I just did my 2nd spray paint project ever. Come over and see it and thanks for your tips! Your home is beautiful!

Bonnie the Boss said...

You deserve the award! Geat job.

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