Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Window to the World

When your window to the world shows the world a little more than you care to show, be creative! This is my bedroom window. It's very large. I love the light and the view. But it is a bedroom so we do need a degree of privacy (we don't want to scare the neighbors or cause them to die from hysterical laughter). I hung an old window backed with scrapbook paper. It's pretty and practical.
If you don't want to use an old window consider hanging or propping up a row of pictures or a large painting. Can't find a suitable painting? Hot glue some pretty fabric or wallpaper inside a large frame. How about hanging a lightweight door mirror sideways for a more contemporary look? Use thumb tacks to hang up lengths of pretty ribbon across the window. Or tack up a beautiful tablecloth across the bottom half of the window---you can even fold a square tablecloth into a triangle and hang it by the points. Think beyond the store's drapery isle. Hopefully your brain is now firing with ideas for your window to the world!


Kim -today's creative blog said...

say no more, you hooked me when I read that you made things from old doors.

Shirlee said...

Boy, that scrapbook paper has multiple uses. I'm seeing it used in all kinds of decor projects.
Your decorative window makes a great privacy screen. :)

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