Friday, May 16, 2008

One Man's Trash

One day I was out for my morning walk when I noticed a chandelier in a trailer that was ready to go to the dump. Actually I noticed the crystals dripping from it more than the chandelier itself. I thought it was ashame to throw away beautiful and expensive crystals. The next day when I walked by it again it was calling for me to rescue it, but I resisted the urge to take it home with me. Fortunately I knew the family that lived in the home. Our boys had played on the same soccer team at one time. I waited until that afternoon (it took that long to muster up my courage) and gave the lady a phone call. After the usual pleasantries I told her I had an unusual question---how do you ask someone if you can have their trash? She laughed and said she'd have her son bring it over to my house. I thanked her, hung up the phone and did the happy dance.
After my little treasure was delivered I took a good look. It was unusual and unique. I decided that I really liked the chandelier as much as I liked the crystals. My hubby agreed that it was worth a makeover. He rewired it and replaced the socket covers. I debated about painting it, but I hated to cover the antique brass of this old darling. And I've noticed that Pottery Barn now sells lamps with the same finish. I did remove all of the HUGE crystals and rearranged others. Now, this one man's trash is a beautiful treasure that hangs in our master bedroom.
Hopefully this will inspire you to not be afraid to ask someone for their garbage!


Shirlee said...

I'm glad you mustered up the courage to ask for the chandelier. I'm like that too. Even if it's in someone's trash, you feel odd just taking it. I've never curbside shopped but did dumpster dive when we owned our store. We shared a garbage bin with the thrift store next door.

If you ever did decide to paint it, I think it would look lovely with a bronze finish. It has some unique details and the crystals just sparkle.

Have a great weekend! :)

Simply Me Art said...

Well I just stumbled onto your Fantastic Blog thru the Ever Talented Margo. WoW your Decorating and Creating Skills are Amazing. I just went thru your whold blog and so many Wonderful Ideas. Your House is Beautiful. I really Love what you did for your Daughters Wedding..I too have rescued many, many a things from the trash in my neighborhood. My son once thought I would be arrested for taking an old wrought iron chair from the trash. Your chandelier is beautiful. I can't wait to visit again,Jamie

Gale said...

I have also always used thrift store shopping, dumpster diving, curbside and garage sale goodness for my home. My 20 and 30 something daughters are also into the "late garage/early attic" design philosophy. They, however, prefer to think that they are the vanguard in the ecology movement of reuse and recyle.

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