Monday, August 18, 2008

Surrounded and Surprised

You are a true addict when you try to stop but find that you have surrounded yourself with friends who have the same addiction! My wonderful friends, I'm going to try this withdrawal despite the fact that most of you told me that I don't have an addiction, or that it's a good addiction to have, and are admitted black spray paint addicts yourself.
Now repeat after me. . . "CHANGE IS GOOD!" Great!
Please don't fear!
We're only going to try this for a week.
Come on, with everyone's help, we can do it!
Yes, change is good.

I decided that I'd try not only a change in paint color, but a change in brand. I must confess that I am a bit of a spray paint snob. I buy only one brand because it has always been the one I can depend on. But I found myself standing in front of spray paint at a discount store and, after seeing the ridiculously cheap price of .90 cents, I thought that I didn't have much to lose.I picked up this can and read, "Cap Approximates Color of Contents". I thought I was buying a nice, neutral gray. I gave it a spray at home and was surprised to see that my paint purchase was labeled "sterling silver."A few days later, I ran across these little metal insects that I had stored away. They were quite the rage a few summers ago and I'd purchased a few of the rusty looking little critters. Even though they're a bit out of style, I couldn't bring myself to abandon them.
So there was just one thing to do,
(let's say it all together now)
I know that black would have been a good color choice, but remember I'm on a quest,
so here was my opportunity to
try something new---a new color and a new brand.

I lined my guinea pigs in a row and began to spray.
Then I began to giggle with glee!
To my surprise,
a new color and a new, cheap brand
was actually working for me.
I was getting that same spray paint high!
I did it!
I managed to have the courage to change
and it paid off!
I'm hosting a garden party in a few weeks.
I think these little sassy sterling silver critters
will be a fun addition to the buffet table.

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Deb said...

I've tried a few other colors (lime green, tan, cream, silver) but always go back to my comfort zone. I keep thinking that I may be going overboard with the black, but it just goes with everything. It's hard to mess up something going with black, but I do love your little silver critters. I think you've inspired me to try, try again.

Darlene said...

Awwww, they are just too cute!! We will see how long you can go with another color...hee hee

Also, I left a comment on your Friday blog that I will post my under $5 letter project tomorrow...I hope you will come visit. :)

PULN7GS said...

so what is your favorite brand- i keep wanting to paint things, but my experiences in the past have proven less than ideal- maybe it's been the brand I've chosen. Fill me in on your secret and I promise to use a color other than black (this week) thanks

Joy said...

I always use Rustoleum brand in a satin finish. It goes on smooth, doesn't clog, and usually covers well with one coat.
If anyone has found others brands they like, please let me know.

Valarie Lea said...

Those are so stinkin cute :)

The Nunes' said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley said...

They look great silver! Perfect for a summer garden party. I tried some white this weekend, but black is still my favorite.

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

You are funny--a spray paint intervention--12 steps ?? I actually just bought a bunch of black spray paint to try some of what you have been doing. I went to some garage sales just to look for junk that I could spray paint black, and wouldn't you know it, I couldn't find one single tacky item that needed spray painting! I love the silver too.

cherry said...

Rofl....ok JOy only a week though. Girl....I already used my black on something last was like 12:00 midnight and I was in the garage spray painting...I do have other colors in my arsenal...I have apple red, colonial red, ivory, blue sky...which is gorgeous...what could I spray with that one???? Hmmm ok..well you got me thinkin. Now if I go out on a limb here...and post it are ya gonna link us up...we could have a spray paint outside the black box party. OHHh I like Rustoelum too and Krylon. I found the cheaper brands like Walmarts...don't last as long and don't cover as well. cherry

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

We need to start our own support group...but really, first the color, now the brand. You are going out on a limb..hee hee

Rae said...

They are darling!! I'm sure they will be a hit at your garden party!!

Shirlee said...

Those are some snappy lookin' bugs. Thank goodness your step away from your comfort zone was a success! :)
I think they'd look cute lime green too. At .90 cents a can, they can always be a different colour next summer.
I think I'll start buying some stock in spray paint companies. At the rate you inspire people to "spray it up", there's going to be a boom in spray paint sales.
Have a great day!

Our Complete Family said...

Oh how much fun these will be at your garden gettogether! Happy Monday! Les

abeachcottage said...

too funny, literally as I was surfing on over here from bloglines I was mentally planning my walking route this morning to go via the paint shop to pick up a can of black paint, but my addiction is white paint so I'm ok at the mo

love those critters, they turned out great, they'd look good tucked in a pot among the foliage...


Free Art Printables said...

Very cute! Jen R

Anonymous said...

Yes Mam.... Dollar Tree! I hope you can find some. I bought four!

Sue said...

I have an award for you!! Come by and get it.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Good for you for breaking out! I bet they will be adorable at your party!

Unknown said...

Out of style?? I don't think anything is out of style if you enjoy it! But, rusty or silver, I love your bugs! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Joy... No worries bout them birds... Us girls will find you some! Somewhere, hehe.... About that camera. It's from Wal mart..I know! Fuji Finepix s1000. Thats it nothing specical about it. I started blogging with my very old dino was awful. I explained to my sweetie that I could not keep up bloggin if I couldnt take pictures... He thought I was kidding... You know a girl must have her camera, smile. My sister bought a Rebel from Cannon. I must say NICE. Mine is not that fancy but the gadgets that it does have ...I cant figure out. So thats it... A fuji. Thank you!Im going bird hunting....

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

THANKS so much for stopping by!!! I'm SO glad you did, as I've now found you!

I'm excited to visit, and see all the amazing things you do!!

Be blessed.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Joy, I can't believe I'm just finding you! I have just gone back & read about 1/2 your blog & it's adorable. I love all your projects. We have a LOT in common, as well as hanging out with a lot of the same friends. I'm adding you to my bloglist today. We just got the same award from sweet Sue. I'm SO glad she sent me over here. Love your blog & I think you'll enjoy mine too.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, and yes I've been a black spray paint fanatic for a least 6+ years! It's the best.


sweetfunkyvintage said...

I have those bugs! My sister gave them to me for my birthday a few years ago. Probably because I am her younger sister and I "bugged" her alot when we were kids!! Anyway, my kids love dragging them around our patio.
Love the idea to paint them... just need to decide what color!

Blogger said...

Now how did I miss this post? lol

Thanks for showing me how the Big Lots paint turned out. I think I only bought white, figured I could use it as a base coat for other things, but I wil definitely be looking at their paint more closely the next time I go...after garage sale season ;)

I have also been buying the cheapo paint at Home Depot and Lowe's, I think only in black. It is on the bottom shelf and only $1 a can. Have you tried those?

Can't wait to see pics of your party :)

I go to my 1st bday party today, so I can finally unveil the gifts I made for the baby and the parents...which includes a little twist on your mint tray project :)

Have a great weekend,

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