Monday, March 1, 2010

Silver Where?

As I ran my errands on Saturday I tucked in and pulled out my silver
olive-fork-handle key fob in and out of my pocket.
Each time it made me smile to think of it's uniqueness.
It also made me think of all of the silverware projects I've done. I hope you don't mind that I took a little time to compile them all into one post just to satisfy my own curiosity.
Using the same technique as the key fob, a spoon with
the initial J was turned into a necklace pendant.
I took a small collection, given to me as a gift,
and with an inexpensive tray, scrapbook paper and hot glue,
it became a pretty little display.
It looks even better tucked inside an apothecary jar
sitting along with the collection of silverware from my in-laws.
I used a spoon to embellish a treat tray.My hubby helped me bend forks to use as small easels. Years ago, I framed a small fork to hang over
our bent fork coat hanger
that was made by our niece and her husband.
I've even hung spoons from our dining room chandelier using copper wire. It may be a little odd, and be the start of a few conversations
("Why do you have spoons hanging from your light?"), but
why not accent with the things you love!
So there it is---
a collection of projects
made from a collection of silverware!


Jennifer@woodleycottage said...

I love them all! I have a tiny silver baby spoon that one of our cousins gave me when I had our last little boy. She recently passed away at 97 years old, the last of her generation. I've wanted to display it somehow along with the sweet handwritten note she gave me with it. Thanks for the inspiration! Have a super day.

Screaming Meme said...

You are amazing, Honey! :)

The McGraths said...

I still LOVe your Apothecary JArs full of silverware and have had that on my list of things to put together!

Loui♥ said...

what a fabulous post!!!
love each and every project!
beautifully done..
think I'll flatter you heavily..
by copying/borrowing your ideas!!
thanks for sharing!!
warmest hugs,laughing smiles..

Katie Bell said...

I've used large spoons and bent them, nailed them next to a window, and used them to hold open the curtains. It's like we're kindred spirits.

Jessi said...

WOW! I love all of the creative things you'v edone with silverware. I recently put a bunch of inherited silver into a vase to display it instead of hiding it away and I love seeing it all the time now. Thanks for sharing all of these fabulous ideas!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

What a great collection! I have a jar full of old silverware that I just LOVE! They are such beautiful pieces!! :)

Rochelle said...

Wow you have lots of silverware! Such great ideas you have used them for too! I love stopping by to see what you've been up too!
Cheers for a great week

Drew's Mom said...

You are SOOO creative! I love all the different projects you've come up with. Great work!

rachel blazer said...

AAAHH!! you're so smart!! i have all this silver that i hardly remember to use (and what do i do with an oyster fork anyway??)
i'm TOTALLY copying you!
thanks for the fun ideas- your blog is super fun!

Red Door Home said...

The apothecary jars are my favorite. Glass just seems to make everything seem more special and beautiful!

Christy said...

Love all your silverware! I picked up several pieces last month and have been wondering what to do with them. I love the set on the silver tray. I will definitely be making that into a project of my own sometime soon. Thanks for sharing all your amazing ideas.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I love them all. I am drawn to silverware...I really like the idea of the pieces in the apothecary jar. Easier to get to also!

Jaci said...

Talk about finding the silver ligning...I love them all! I loved the ideas in your comments too. I have one more idea you all can try. Taking old golf clubs (often times you can find them at thrift stores) taking off heads and replacing with forks to use as marshmallow and hot dog roasters. My siblings and I all have a set and we love them. They make for much longer sticks and you have a nice hand grip to hold on to to boot. Cheap and fun!!

Gwen said...

I love old silverware and have been gifted with a few wonderful things created from old silverware.....after reading your wonderful post I am very close to trying a few things for myself! I already have a few pieces of silverware from my favorite thrift shop ready and waiting to be made into something special :o) Thanks for sharing all your great ideas.

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Wonderful! I fell in love with each picture! How creative you are!
Love your blog!!

Anji Johnston said...

Every project is so unique! One of a kind as you are!

The Pampered World said...

Wow! What great ideas....I've got to try this. :-)

Rose H (UK) said...

What lovely and imaginative ways to re-use and display your silverware, it's given me great inspiration.

Unknown said...

Your framed silverware inspired me to come up with my own little project! You can see it here ( if you want to stop and take a look - I gave you credit!
Thanks again!

Jennifer said...

So I was looking through Pinterest trying to find some silverware silhouette art that I apparently didn't pin and I came across your silverware/scrapbook paper/tray art!! I love it! And Yay for another use for that $1 tray! Fabulous! I'm making it a Darling tomorrow!!
And now I have a terrific idea for my stash of odds and ends silverware! Thanks!

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