Friday, May 27, 2011

Yet Another Paper Wreath Tutorial

If you do a search for paper wreath tutorials you will likely find a bazillion. There are folded paper wreaths and rolled paper wreaths just to name a few. I'm sure there is already at least one crunched paper wreath tutorial, yet I will add another just in case you haven't had the time or inclination to search. Paper wreaths are so popular because they are relatively inexpensive. However they are time, paper, and hot glue stick consuming. Each of the wreaths I made as centerpieces for the wedding reception took about an hour.
I started by using a simple wreath from the dollar store.
In order to camouflage the wreath, as well as make it easier for the crunched paper to stick,
I first covered it with strips of sheet music.
This was when I received 75% of my hot glue burns so be very careful with this step!
Next I cut pages from a music book into fourths.
My wreaths were covered completely on all sides so each took an entire music book that was about the thickness of a magazine.
Using one piece of quartered paper, I placed a dowel (a pencil would also work) into the center of the paper and then crunched the paper around the dowel.
Making sure to first flatten out the crunched end a bit for more surface area, I then applied hot glue.
Next I used the dowel to place the crunched paper onto the wreath.
I continued. . . and continued. . . and continued until the wreath was covered.
***I will now impart what little unique knowledge I gained from this procedure***
If the paper is thin it will adhere much faster than if it is thick and stiff. The stiffer the paper the longer the wait time for the glue to hold. And while you may think that the paper is stuck you will soon find out that the little stinkin' stiff paper will try to hightail it right off the wreath just as you are placing the next piece causing you to grab said piece and possibly cause additional finger burnage.
After the wreath was complete I lightly sprayed each with the desired color of spray paint. To give them more color and interest I added in pieces of crunched colored tissue paper.
To make them hang I hot glued on some evenly placed ribbons and glued the ribbons onto a large dowel that had been glued into a piece of 2x4. The dowel was topped with a finial painted to match the wreath and ribbons. I then adhered photos of the newlyweds onto the ribbon.
The centerpieces resembled little maypoles which was very appropriate since it was a May wedding.


patsy said...

I love this!
thanks for the tutorial. Maybe you will see one on my front door soon?

coolerNights said...

Amazing I like this very much how pretty it is I really inspired by this, what a nice thing I love it. Thank you for sharing with us.

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Brandi said...

so pretty. i love how they turned out. they look great on the tables.

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