Monday, February 20, 2012

A Fun Retreat

Last week I was invited to go to an all girls retreat at my friend's beautiful cabin. I was both excited and anxious---excited to get away for a much needed break; anxious because ALL of the other ladies are expert quilters. I wondered how I would spend my time while they pieced and sewed. Most of my projects of late have been large, involving rooms or furniture in my home. . .nothing conducive to a weekend getaway. I was at a loss as to what to do. One son suggested that I take the break to plan future projects. A friend proposed that I bring magazines or books. Both were wonderful ideas but I felt the need to be creative alongside my friends. So I threw together several things I had lying around my home, items I had purchased earlier hoping one day to try my hand at creating.While my friends cut fabric scraps for quilts I used their cutting tools to cut apart dollar store t-shirts. Using the cut apart t-shirts I made necklaces with the help of this tutorial.I learned how to "finger knit" with the help of this post. It was so easy and fun that I made a brown friendship bracelet for each lady on the retreat.I covered a metal letter "A" with moss. And used my friend's cabin decor to stage this glamor shot.While my quilting friends were busy sewing I stayed busy creating words with wire similar to one I made here. I plan to use these as gift tags. I even crafted up several of these wire "eat" signs for my friends to take home and stick in breads, cakes, or anything they're serving to family and friends.I had so much fun with my creative and loving friends! I came home energized and happy. It's amazing how a little girl-time and crafting can energize one's soul!
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Nothing But Blue Skies... said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! I love how all of your crafts came out! I would love a few days away with some good girlfriends!
That moss colored A looks fantastic, and the words with wire are very clever!

Our Paper Plates said...

Its fun to create with friends, even if its side-by-side on different projects. Glad you enjoyed your time with friends!! Moms need it every once in a while!

the undomesticated wife said...

I love the EAT wire. What gauge did you use? I'd like to do something fun like that for my neighbor.

Joy said...

I used 18 gauge galvanized wire and a small pair of pliers to help make the small swirls. I hope you enjoy making your own wire words!

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