Friday, April 25, 2014

What's on My Table: Tulip Edition

I thought it might be fun 
to occasionally share with you 
what is gracing the top of my coffee table.
It's a spot I enjoy changing out often. 
If I need a quick pick-me-up that's one of 
the first places I'll decorate. 
Yet for many, coffee table accessorizing is a chore. 
Hopefully my quick and easy changes
 will inspire you.

I started with a pot of freshly planted tulips
that I just dug up out of the ground so I could enjoy their beauty indoors. They were a bit top heavy
and even though I tried my best to tie them upright 
they insisted on flopping over.

 I actually preferred their floppy, more relaxed  appearance so I just added in a little nest 
to balance things and hide the dirt.
Then I finished things off with a, 
thrift store acquired, silver leaf and branch.
It was quick, easy, and cost next-to-nothing.  

 I think it shouts, "Springtime is Here!" 


Mimi said...

Oh I love Springtime.... I love your blog too your an insperation to a blogger that needs help <3.Have a great day and Thanks for your sunshine !!!

Unknown said...

Very inspirable blog!! Thanks for hosting. home decors

Connie said...

That looks sooooo Spring. Now if the weather would just agree with you...not complaining though - there are so many dealing with really bad weather and loss.

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