Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Mantle Post

I apologize for the lack of creative posts. It has been a l-o-n-g winter! My creativity and the view outside my door seem to be one and the same...dull and boring.
 Between adjusting to widowhood and (what seems to be an endless amount of) gloomy weather, I've had little desire to do any decorating. One of the few creative outlets has been my mantle
I appreciate that you have tolerated my (what seems to be an endless amount of) continuous mantle photos. I, like the weatherman, promise that there will be changes soon. But until then, here's a look at the state of my mantle today.
It reflects the weather outside---browns, creams, with a glimmer of gold (the hope of sun shining through the clouds/smog).

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Compilation of Cupids

It's that time of year when my home becomes 
infested with little winged angelic creatures 
that symbolize love.
They can be found on pedestals,
and under glass.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Painting a Rock Fireplace

Several months ago I had the opportunity, along with several others, 
to help give some friends a home makeover. It was a fun experience! 
One of my favorite transformations in their home was the fireplace. The original fireplace was rock. The rock was dark, multicolored, dated, and had been colored on by their children. It was in desperate need of an update.
I was so excited get my hands on it and give it a coat of paint 
but several of the other volunteers didn't agree with the idea. 
Luckily I've met with opposition on paint makeovers before 
(usually with my own family members) so I knew just what to do. . . 
go ahead and PAINT!
I used a primer/ paint combo along with a paintbrush and roller. 
In less than an hour the fireplace went from dark and dated 
to fresh, clean and modern.
 Even the naysayers thought it looked awesome!

The volunteers had another inexpensive idea to update the home. 
They used wide baseboard, turned upside down, as crown molding. 
It cost less, is easier to install, yet still adds architectural detail.
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