Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Candles Part I

What is it about a candle that evokes feelings of romance---with your loved one sure, but also with your home. It seems that every home makeover show has candles flickering as they unveil the new look. There are lit candles in almost every chic flick, sometimes even in the non-romantic scenes. Candles signify warmth, coziness, and all those emotions we associate with home.
I enjoy decorating with candles, but they can be pricey. This may come as a surprise (or not); I buy the majority of my candles at thrift stores. Sure, they may already be burned a little, but that's not a problem because designers tell us that's how candles should be displayed. Some thrift store candles may be dirty or dinged and that's why they've been donated. That's not a problem either. With just a little warm water and soap they'll come clean. For stubborn dirt you can use a scrubby pad. It may change the texture of the candle a bit, but who notices. If there are dings and dents, they can be fixed by heating the spot with a hair blower, just be careful of the hot wax.
If you find a candle that's been burned a few times try this trick. Have you seen these little battery operated candles? I found mine at the dollar store. If you drop one of these inside a candle you can get the flickering light without worrying about the danger of leaving the candle unattended.
Oh yes, while we're on the subject of candles,
remember to follow the safety precautions

and keep candles away from children, pets and burnable materials.
Now, go light a candle and enjoy the romance of your home and will you do me a favor? Since you know my thrift candle secrets, will you please leave a candle or two for me.


Mrs. B said...

Hi Joy! I enjoy candles too. I worry about them being within reach of the kids, but I do light them and place them on higher surfaces. I tried those battery operated candles once and didn't like them because the light was a weird orange, kind of like those orange street lights. Have you found some that have a more natural light?

Joy said...

Sorry, I wish I could find one more realistic, but putting them inside a candle does soften the orange hue.

kari and kijsa said...

Love, love, love candles...especially when you find one that truly scents as it burns!! Loved checking out your older post with the jars & teacups- the vinyl graphics are great too!! Wonderful ideas!!

kari & kijsa

Anonymous said...

Love those battery operated candles. I had bought some at the dollar store and they turned out to be the kind that change colors (yellow, blue, and green). Not so cool but then I found a 4 pack at targets dollar section and those were much better.

My favorite candle is Butter Cream by Yankee Candle. This one is more for the scent than for decorating.


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