Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Candles Part II

Candles look beautiful when lit, but they can also be beautiful when unlit. I enjoy displaying my candles in glass containers with the additional decorative layer of some kind of filler. Glass marbles, sand, rocks, and pebbles can be used, but if you take a look around your home you'll probably find a lot of other filler options. You could use:
*dried beans, I like to layer black and white
*dried green or yellow split peas
*wild rice or colored pastas
*nuts or sesame seeds still in the shell
*popcorn kernels

*seasonal candy (although it may disappear/get eaten)
*buttons, all one color looks beautiful
*Epsom salt, nice in winter because it resembles snow
*shredded pages from a book or sheet music
*dried flowers or moss
*dried fruit slices- apples, oranges or lemons
*old game pieces like dominoes or scrabble
The list could go on and on!!! And these aren't just limited to candle vases, they're great for apothecary jars too. Of course, I feel the need to remind you that some of these items are flammable and are for decorative purposes only, so be sure to remove them if you decide to burn the candles.

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