Friday, April 4, 2008

Dining Room Part 2

Our dining room has a built in china cabinet. It's rather large and was very dated. As you can see by the picture, the stained wood was a lovely shade of nondescript brown (sorry I don't have a "before" picture of the whole thing). I'm not sure what the cabinet builders were thinking when they installed it. One side of the cabinet was wider than the other. The top and bottom doors don't really line up and then when they attached the header piece they made it follow the ceiling which is significantly crooked so the piece wasn't the least bit level. On top of all this, the cabinet is fairly deep so it was like a dark abyss. Well, not anymore!
I tore off the header piece and with the help of my hubby we replaced it with crown molding that is level. We built up the sides so they match and added decorative molding. Then I painted the whole thing a deep shade of green. To show off the detail in the molding I highlighted it with a metallic copper. To eliminate the dark abyss I hung wallpaper inside the back with double sided tape. The wallpaper has the look of aged paper. Now my dishes stand out instead of disappearing. I love my china cabinet now! It's amazing what a little molding and paint can do.

1 comment:

Shirlee said...

That is an amazing transformation. You guys did a great job. It's a showpiece now.

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