Friday, April 18, 2008

A-door-able Shelf

We made this shelf using a panel from an old solid wood door, scrap wood and metal brackets.
It hangs in an alcove above the commode in our main bathroom.
It brightens up a spot
that can be very dull.

What can you do to brighten up that
"necessary area"
of your home?


Shirlee said...

I just threw out two cupboard doors, never thought to keep them and re-purpose them. Bad me.
Is that an old blowdryer and curling rod on the shelf? I was trying to figure out what they are.

ps I've been through SLC, Utah a few times while travelling south. I live in southern Alberta very close to the Montana border (maybe an hours drive). We've never stopped in SLC, as my DH hates travelling the I 15. Traffic is brutal on it. :)

Joy said...

Yes, that is an old blow dryer, "Handy Hannah" is her name. And the pink handled thing is a curling iron that you would heat up on the wood burning stove. Aren't we glad hair styling has come such a long way!

Shannon said...

I just found your blog and love it! You have great ideas!

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