Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chandie Change

After staring at pictures of my chandelier yesterday and then gazing at it in real life today, I decided to do some changing and rearranging. I think that I like it better this way. It looks a little more balanced.
What do you think?. . .and thinking that I'm OCD/ADD doesn't count because I've already admitted to that!


Mrs. B said...

Hi Joy! I think the changes you made to the chandelier are great! It does look more balanced. I can't believe you found this in someone's garbage!

We got a new computer today, so I hope to be back to regular posting tomorrow! Thanks for not giving up on me!

Shirlee said...

It's probably my eyes giving me trouble viewing the pics, but did you take some off the bottom? Because it does look "lighter" around the bottom.
I'm like you, I have to constantly mess with something until it looks right to me. Otherwise it bugs me forever even if no one else notices.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Perfect!! Love a little rearranging...and on such a great find too!!

kari & kijsa

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