Monday, May 26, 2008

A Day to Remember

Remembering all those who lived and died
that we might enjoy our life and freedom.

Wishing you a nice Memorial Day.
It's a time to reflect on the life's of others
who have blessed us.

It's also the beginning of the summer holidays when we fly flags and show our patriotism. I made my flag holders out of stair balusters and scrap wood. Just a quick project to show how proud we are to be Americans!


Shirlee said...

Hi Joy, hope you had a great weekend along with good weather. I think our rain is finally coming to an end.
I always try to stick little Canadian flags in the front flower pots for Canada Day (July 1st) but then out they come because it's very windy where we live. Who knows where they'd end up.

Tausha said...

great idea! I think that I will have to adopt that idea to our yard. I like that they a symetrical. Thanks for putting a decorating tip into such a specail reminder! HOpe you will continue to come by-I am trying to add my porjects. hope that you had a good memorial day (even if it was rainy)

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