Friday, May 2, 2008

A Table A-door-ned

I know, I know, your rolling your eyes and wondering just how many versions of the word "adore" I can use as a pun to describe my furniture made from doors! You're also probably wondering what this table has to do with a door. Actually it has to do with TWO doors.
I wanted a square table, but I couldn't justify the price especially when we already had a perfectly good, boy-proof table. So I began the plan of building one; we could use the legs from our old table, cut and rebuild the frame and then all we would need to purchase would be the wood for the top. However, after pricing wood I thought that even that brilliant idea was too costly. I put the idea in the back of my mind, where many of my ideas reside, until the day my hubby and I were shopping at a thrift store. I saw some brand new solid doors and declared, "Here's our table!" Of course my husband thought I was nuts, and so did everyone who heard me, but then he caught up with my racing brain and agreed it was a great way to accomplish my plan.
We purchased two doors, cut off the sides to eliminate the hinge and doorknob holes, cut each down to size, then we glued and affixed the two together. We added molding to the edges, then I stained and painted. The chairs remain in the original finish because I kind of like the juxtaposition (I always wanted to use that word) of the light chairs with the dark table. I may decide one day to change that, but not any time soon.
I love my table, and I'm happy that I didn't spend a lot of money because it has now sustained some injuries as a result of my youngest son carving into it while doing his homework. But even that adds to the story of the a-door-ned square table.


JoAnne said...

How wonderful! And as a bonus -you have the memories of buying the doors and building the table top. I recently found your blog and I am definitely coming back.

Mrs. B said...

That came out beautiful! I love the color you stained it! May I ask what kind of legs did you use?

Joy said...

We used the legs from our old table. I painted them black. I'll post a picture of the entire table if you'd like.

Shirlee said...

I would never have known that your table had a former life as a door.
Wonderful job as always.

Gale said...

My 85 year old mom has the leaves to my grandma's antique round oak table she gave me somewhere in her basement under decades of accumulation. Doors!!! Maybe I can use doors to make leaves...You're a genius

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