Monday, June 2, 2008

Real Life STUFF

I enjoy blogging! It has been so much fun to let strangers into my home and give short home tours about stuff I've re-purposed, built, thrifted and decorated. But at this point I must confess to something, I've shown you only my best side. Yep, I admit that there has been a time or two when I've posted a lovely picture of my home that has been STAGED (insert "GASP!" here). What you see is everything looking perfect. What you don't see is the pile of stuff, off to the side, just out of the photo shot. You know what I mean---all that "stuff" that seems to naturally accumulate when you live in a family. Well, today I put on my big girl panties and I'm going to show a "REAL LIFE" post.

This is what my living room looks like today:

Now the advantage of having a living room, AND a family room, is that the living room should be the one room that stays clean so you're never embarrassed when someone drops by. NOT TODAY FOLKS! Today my living room is piled high with stuff.

This pile of stuff belongs to my only daughter. She's newly married and has moved across the country. She flew home for a few days to visit! There's her suitcase, bags of clothes that are belated birthday gifts, as well as more wedding gifts that her in-laws brought to our home. Yeah it's a lot of stuff! And I could clean it, but seeing that stuff warms my heart. It means my daughter is back home, if only for a few days, but she's back where I can talk to her and laugh with her and enjoy every minute I have with her! No, that pile of stuff is just fine, right where it is!
Then there's this pile of stuff:

This pile belongs to my third son. He's doing his Eagle Scout project right now. He is following in the steps of his two older brothers, who also did their Eagle projects collecting much needed hygiene supplies for a homeless shelter. This stuff represents the generosity of good friends and neighbors who are willing to give to strangers and to support my son. It also reminds me that I have MUCH to be thankful for because there are so many, many others who can only dream of the stuff I take for granted every day.
There! I did it! I showed you my REAL LIFE STUFF!
Do you think less of me? Will you come back to visit?
I hope so!
I really do enjoy showing off my beautiful stuff to all of you. But let's face it, it's the messy stuff of life that actually gives us the most joy and happiness and wonderful memories!!!


Susie Harris said...

You have touched my heart! I love your stuff (life). Thank you for being real and showing us that side of you. We all have stuff too. Just some of of try to hide it(me). I think I will have to come clean one day and show all of you my side of stuff.Enjoy having your sweet daughter home. Cleaning will wait. We promise not to just drop in uninvited! Susie H

Bonnie said...

Thanks for making the rest of us feel better.

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

I've got piles like that here and there and no daughter visiting or son becoming an Eagle scout! I think we only show the "pretty" and we all KNOW there's stuff in everyones corners sometimes! Great post today!

Mrs. B said...

Hi Joy! Yay! I feel so much more human now! I always have to shove stuff out of the way before I take pictures for my blog. It never fails that I take the picture then I see something I forgot to move!

Pam said...

I will look at all the toys and STUFF a little differently now.
Thank you

Carrie said...

I know what you mean with the kids home all day there are always piles laying around I enjoy reading through your blog I will visit again real soon

JoAnne said...

I love this post! That is what my living room and guest room will look like 20 minutes after my daughter and future SIL get home Friday night. It's nice to know someone elses house can be utter chaos. Thanks for sharing. JoAnne

Tausha said...

i am so glad that you posted this. i was begining to hate you! Actually, no hate persay, maybe thinking more along the long the lines of-cool-is that what is is going to be like when my kids are big? My house will always look like a magazine and I will have time to thirift shop! Sweet! Now-I know that you are normal, with a thrifting passion and love your family,just like me! Now, I love you more than I did! Keep the ideas coming! they are realing inspiring me and i know a lot of others. You rock sister friend!

Tausha said...

now-when i went back and read the post i realized i didn't clarify something-you are normal with a house that still looks like a magazine-even if it is only parts:)at certain times!

Chris said...

Visiting kids and humanitarian "stuff" doesn't count as clutter in the living room! Basically, I'm still messier than you are. :-( Thank you for sharing!

Gale said...

One daughter has her own house, one daughter was working and living in Hong Kong. My house was not show room clean, but at least tidy. As my 26 year old just moved back to the states and back in with us, there are now shoes,jackets and "stuff" all over again...Isn't it great..

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