Thursday, June 5, 2008

They Should Warn You

If you knew that someone was going to take a picture of the outside of your home, that would be viewed by the world, how would you like your home to look?
I would like my home to be beautiful, with flowers in full bloom, a well manicured lawn (Allow me to dream! My boys mow the lawn and it's never well manicured). I'd love to have my windows clean and sparkling in the morning sun. I'd like everything to be in it's place, including cars parked in the garage (this too is just a dream), and the driveway would have the look of cobblestone. Yes, that's how I would like my home to appear to the world. Well . . . .
Nope. When you view my home on, from the street view, my dream picture is not what you'll see. What you will see are cars AND the lawn mower parked in the cracked and sinking driveway. Oh, and you'll also see one of my many refurbishing projects sitting out there too, which is really a normal site for our house. Once we had a stack of old doors, that we'd found for free, sitting in the driveway waiting to be put away. They sat there long enough that a neighbor added a couple of doors to the pile just to be funny. But what was really funny, was that another neighbor asked if she could buy those doors! But I digress. . . You will also see a big ol' dead spot in the side lawn. In fact, that's how we could tell what time of year the picture was taken. You can even see some neighbor kids skateboarding down the street. It's definitely NOT a model home picture!
So, since misery loves company, I looked at other homes of people I knew. I saw one home with the barbeque grill in the driveway, one with a big garbage can sitting on the lawn. There was a home with a work trailer sitting out front being held up by a chair, and their front door was left wide open. One home had a backhoe sitting in the driveway (they were getting ready to remodel). There were multiple homes with dead lawns and wilting flowers because the pictures were taken in the heat of the summer.
I know what you're thinking! "She must live in 'red-neck' territory!" I don't. But I wouldn't be surprised if my home won for the Best Redneck Yard. If the prize is a good one, I might just enter it myself.
I just have one question for the google people. . .
I probably would have cleaned up a little if you had.
Oh well, who said my home had to look perfect at all times. My home is not my life. My home is a place where I spend my life loving, serving, laughing and enjoying my family and friends. It is the place where I house my best memories (even if they appear a little "red neck" to the rest of the world).
And google people, I do have one more question. Do you need someone to help preview the pictures of the worst homes on the block? I might be willing to do that job for free.


Mrs. B said...

Hi Joy! That is so funny! I don't even think you can do that street view thing on google for my street, but if you could the view wouldn't be much better! Ugh, it makes me want to go pull weeds right now!

Marie said...

Oh how funny!!! I wish I could look up my house on google maps, but my house is still so *new* it's not there. Kind of a bummer! I think I've looked up all my previous addresses though (and there's a LOT) to see if the pictures were taken when I lived there.

Susie Harris said...

You are too funny! I think your house looks mucho grande... No not taco bell, hehe. I would hate to see how mine looked. Dont think I will even go there... Susie H

Bettsi McComb said...

Oh LOL! I win the red-neck yard award! When my very messy 11-year old boy says it's a red-neck yard, it MUST be bad! We'll be laying new sprinkler lines soon, but in the meantime it is a yellow, weedy patch with ditches in it! Ack!

Brenda said...

It was trash day when they drove down my street.

And they cannot possibly give warning b/c you KNOW that someone (probably several someones) would run out and moon them or streak or something.

Maybe that's just my neighborhood....nevermind. :)

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