Monday, July 14, 2008

Maybe That's Why!

I was feeling very overwhelmed last week because it's half way through the summer and it seems that I still have things on my to-do list from the start of summer. I decided to buckle down and accomplish some tasks. One item on my list was to plant a tray of flowers that had been patiently waiting for almost a month. I woke up early Saturday morning with the firm resolve to cross that task off my list. I weeded and planted and enjoyed the quiet of the morning. However, when I finished planting I decided that I was short about four flowers. So off to the store I ran---to pick up only four flowers, so that I could be finished planting for the summer, and cross one item off my list.
I arrived at the store and grabbed a small cart to put my four flowers into. And then it happened! I overheard the manager say to an employee, "We're marking down all of those gallon perennials to seventy-five cents each."
Right then and there, I traded my small cart out for the biggest one they had and I began to load it with twenty-three lovely perennials, three flats of petunias (also on clearance), and the four flowers.
(This picture was taken after
I planted the four flowers and a few petunias)


I add things on faster than I take things off.


Empty Nest Full Life said...

I know exactly what you mean. I am so guilty of piling up so many projects that I can never catch up. I was a little overwhelmed last week too, and reminded myself that this week I need to concentrate on checking off the list instead of adding to it. Hang in there.

Darlene said...

WOW....that is a great price on plants. I seem to always keep adding things to my to-do list also. But, you couldn't pass that deal up!!!!!! Don't worry you will eventually get it done. :)

Gretchen said...

I do exactly the same thing. My husband says, "Why don't you start one thing and finish it and then go from there." Maybe it's in our genes to want to do twelve things at one time.


Lacy said...

You always crack me up! I am happy for you and your bargin.....wish I could get me some .75 centers!!!!!

Darla @ UltraBeautyBoutique said...

Oh yes...yes indeedy. I do the same thing and then wonder why I feel like my world is going to explode.

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