Friday, April 16, 2010

Light Delight

My love affair with lighting
can be found throughout my home.

There is my newest in the bookcase.One candle-type light in a little vignette
atop a suitcase stack (another love).
Lights are
tucked inside the crown moulding
above the front door
and living room windows.A small strand of Christmas lights is
nestled behind the frames
on the mantle creating a pretty glow.
The firebox is lit with Christmas twinkle lights
snuggled amongst
faux candlelight.The main bathroom is always illuminated
with a small silicone candle bulb.
The kitchen windowsill now hosts a small lamp,
perfect for radiating just enough light for small tasks.

Are you
delighted by lights


Richella said...

Oh, yes, ma'am. I love lamps, candles, you name it. I especially like unexpected little sources of lighting, so I really enjoyed this post!

Lisa said...

Funny.. I am exactly the same way! I love lights.. all kinds of mood lighting. I sometimes feel guilty about wanting to have all my little lamps on scattered around the house, but I just love the look of it.

1 Funky Woman said...

I'm loving everything I see! I love the candles in the fireplace and the light in the kitchen. I have 4 lamps in my living room, 2 on the counters in the kitchen. I don't think you can have too many lights!

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

I'm definitely into lighting . . I love collecting Tiffany lamps. Intimate lighting makes all the difference. Have a nice weekend!

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Absolutely! I love the glow and glimmer of lights throughout the house - electric and candle alike. However, and unfortunately, Hubby's always worried 'bout the electric bill, and sneaks around behind me turning "unnecessary" lights off! LOL

Michelle said...

It's amazing what a difference lighting can make! I love all of your creative ideas for lighting (and I might just steal that crown molding one too...brilliant!).

I've been blog-stalking this blog for a week or so now and I just love all of your creativity!

Linda Q said...

So agree, love mood or soft lighting here there and everywhere. So much more peaceful than harsh lighting too. So nice there is much more variety today too.
Linda at

Katie said...

So pretty tucked into the moulding!

Life Is Crazy Beautiful said...

Love the LIGHT! I have 2 tiny little candlestick lamps with shades that stay lit 24/7 - one on Baker's Rack in kitchen/eating area...and one on a dry sink on the way there. Love the warm glo - and if you need some water in the middle of the night, no need to turn on the harsh overhead lights!!

One can never have enough lamps and candles (at least I don't yet) :)


Lorie said...

I love the light behind the frames! It is all gorgeous though!

Kelly Ballard said...

Let there be light.

Second Hand Chicks

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the fireplace! I've been struggling with something to put in mine. (we don't use it due to little tiny hands like enjoy playing near it. Where did you plug in the twinkle lights? and are the candles battery operated?

Anonymous said...

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SomeGirl said...

I LOVE lamps (and chairs and baskets)!! Btw, you have such BEAUTIFUL photos on your LOVELY blog! ♥ Michelle

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