Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Flower Place

We really enjoyed building a few projects for my client's porches.
One project was a plant stand. We built a simple box out of MDF,
added some decorative molding to the front,
and attached stair balusters for legs. To make it easy and inexpensive to change faux flowers seasonally,
I designed it with an interior board that rests inside the box. Holes were drilled into the board and it was covered with moss.
Flower picks are placed securely into the holes. If the homeowner wants real potted flowers,
she can simply remove the interior board and place them inside.
But for now the faux flowers are
pretty and maintenance free
I think it looks perfect
sitting beneath the welcome sign I made.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Address This

My client shares a long driveway with her neighbors. She wanted a way to let people know which home was theirs. I thought about making something like this to show off her address, but she also asked for items that were low maintenance.I walked the aisles of the home improvement store until I discovered the electrical section. I purchased a long conduit pipe, two bent sections, and a bag of joiners. I also picked up address numbers and a small piece of galvanized sheet metal.
Mr. JofH cut the pipe and assembled the frame. He backed the sheet metal with cedar boards so the numbers could be screwed in, then hung the address from the frame with a few links of chain.
I was thrilled with the no maintenance, simple industrial look and so was my client.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This Old Window

Our client had this old window that she had carefully carried home from her home state. They had added a piece of wood to the bottom so it could serve as a display shelf. Knowing of her love for the window I wanted to give it a bit more importance in her patio design.
We added simple 1x3 legs and trimmed it out with molding to make it into an outdoor end table.
I gave it all a couple of coats of exterior white paint.Because our clients raise chickens I thought it was only fitting to mod podge a piece of chicken covered fabric onto luan and attach it to the underside of the window to give it more depth and interest.The window table is now the perfect spot to rest a tray and have a sip of refreshing lemonade.

Monday, May 24, 2010

100 Years and Beautiful

Look at this a beautiful old home.It is so charming, with most of it's original architectural details.I was hired to decorate it's porches and make them warm, inviting and cozy.Over the next few days I'll share some of the projects, as well as the "after" photos.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bountiful Blooms

An enormous bouquetcompliments of my own backyard.Can you believe the size of this bush?Am I the only one that has a burning desire to have
a snowball fight with
springtime blooms?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

No More Big and Boring

My adorable client had a wall in her home that was her nemesis. Her home is filled with beautiful architectural details, but this wall was big and boring. She loved the look of board and batten and wondered if it would be appropriate for this wall.Directly across from the wall is a beautiful wall of windows.
I wanted to repeat the details of the window wall onto the opposite wall.
I sketched out a drawing and her talented husband used it as inspiration.They started by painting out the lower portion of the wall.He framed out the sides and top.Added the vertical boards to the lower portion. Topped with a horizontal band. Then finished off the top portion with vertical boards.Big and Boring is now Bold and Beautiful!

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Row of Empty

I have long touted my love of an empty frame.It is much easier for me to make a commitment
to a beautiful frame
than to the painting or picture it may contain.
Because of this love I have gathered
several gorgeous frames over the years.
All were acquired from thrift stores.Most cost less than five dollars.I have painted some.Many have their original finish.Some have intricate details.Others are plain.Yes, I am smitten by a pretty frame.So it's not surprising
that I would gather many together
to decorate the mantle shelf in our dining area.
(I tucked a line of Christmas lights behind so there is a lovely warm glow at night.)

Friday, May 14, 2010

For The Birds

It's funny how one "new" item can serve as inspiration for a whole makeover. My garbage gift screen got a good cleaning and sanding to reveal some of the old paint layers. Then it was placed in the center of the mantle, serving as a unique backdrop.I pulled out all of my collected birdcages and gave them a fresh coat of white spray paint to unify them.I also spruced up some old candle pillars with a yellow so bright it screams sunshine.These little birds were thrift finds years ago. Originally they hung from a ribbon. I cut apart a wire hanger and drilled a few holes in the birds and some scrap wood, to make long legged fowl.
Of course every bird needs a nest or two. This one is my favorite. It's the real deal. Several years ago I found it in my driveway after a mighty wind.
There used to be horses near our home and
this little nest has horsetail hair woven in for nesting comfort.
What a creative bird!

I added a few green books for color and interest.
The mantle looks fresh, fun and
for the birds!
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