Monday, May 30, 2011

Wedding Photos

In my last post I showed how I made the centerpieces for the wedding open house I decorated.
It was a pleasure to work with this young couple you see in the photos. I am not a "professional" wedding designer/planner but I do find enjoyment in helping newlyweds make their celebration special. They were looking for something unique and I think that's the look we were able to achieve. Their colors were bright pink, yellow, and turquoise.
The couple loved parts of the backdrop from another wedding I had done but they weren't happy with the center/door area.
So I came up with an idea they did love.
I gave my outdoor patio furniture pieces a fresh coat of turquoise paint and found some coordinating fabric to hang in place of the door. I added in some lighting and brightly painted pink windows. The backdrop took on a whole new look.
They were thrilled with the result. And their happiness was mine!


Becky said...

How rewarding to create such an important part of their special day. Fun colors, too.

'T' said...

unique and lovely.

Our Paper Plates said...

Too cute!! I'm sure it made their special day so memorable. You are so talented! Thanks for sharing it with us!

rachel said...

I love the door. I wish my reception had that door...

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