Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lucketts Part Two

One of my favorite things to see at Lucketts had nothing to do with what there was to buy. It was the wonderful outbuildings (not outhouses) on the grounds.Most were filled to the brim with delightful items for sale by vendors.
I loved gazing at the architecture of each building. Many were made from old doors and windows, and most had a touch or two of beautiful moudings.I think I may have mentioned before that my dream home would be on a few acres with no neighbors in sight. And have about five different outbuildings including a big ol' barn that would be used for family gatherings instead of animals (even though when my boys get together it tends to sound like a bunch of animals.) I don't think that dream will be coming true anytime soon so in the meantime I'll just drool over these. . .and maybe figure out how I can build at least one outbuilding in my backyard.
Isn't this a perfect spot for outdoor eating? Or, since I already have similar pillars, maybe I could build something like this. . . A girl can dream, right?


The Miller's said...

Your dream house sounds absolutely marvelous!!

'T' said...

too too fun.

Marie said...

i visited luckett's last month...and my favorite was the out buildings too!! it was like visiting the most fantastic flea market! i can't wait to go back. :o)

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