Friday, July 29, 2011

Arrangment Perspective

I love having a formal living room, but the room has it's share of challenges. The ceilings are high.It's long and large, measuring 13 1/2 feet by 21 feet, but is has only one solid wall. The other walls contain large windows or door openings, with one that opens into the dining area.Because of the quirks of the room I kept my furniture in the exact same spot for a few years. Then one day, as I stood high upon a ladder painting, I viewed my near empty room from a different angle and perspective. I wondered why I had allowed myself to get trapped in a furniture arrangement rut?!?
Of course there were a few pieces that couldn't be moved because of size or practicality, but others could find a new home.
Just because the room is odd doesn't mean the furniture placement has to be stuck in a rut.
Because of my ladder-top awakening I've never kept the furniture in the same spot since. These are some different arrangements I've had over the years.
Sometimes it takes looking at a room from a new perspective to see how it can be rearranged. You can get on a ladder (like I did), empty the room out to start fresh, try an on-line room design site, or ask a trusted friend where they would place your furniture. You might even try switching furniture pieces from other rooms.
Are you in a furniture arrangement rut
or do you like to move things around?

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'T' said...

in a rut... i haven't moved mine for 3 yrs. inspired! i think it's time... thank you :)

Connie said...

I love your room. I am limited as to where to placing my furniture also. We have an open stairway on one side and a fireplace on the other side which can cause a problem.

The Kramer Angle said...

I love your post because I named my business, The Kramer Angle, because one day I got tired of my furniture arrangement and tweaked it to put the couch on an angle. It changed my whole perspective about furniture placement and soon my friends were asking me to help give them the Kramer Angle in their rooms.

A new perspective is a good thing!

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