Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lucketts Part Two

One of my favorite things to see at Lucketts had nothing to do with what there was to buy. It was the wonderful outbuildings (not outhouses) on the grounds.Most were filled to the brim with delightful items for sale by vendors.
I loved gazing at the architecture of each building. Many were made from old doors and windows, and most had a touch or two of beautiful moudings.I think I may have mentioned before that my dream home would be on a few acres with no neighbors in sight. And have about five different outbuildings including a big ol' barn that would be used for family gatherings instead of animals (even though when my boys get together it tends to sound like a bunch of animals.) I don't think that dream will be coming true anytime soon so in the meantime I'll just drool over these. . .and maybe figure out how I can build at least one outbuilding in my backyard.
Isn't this a perfect spot for outdoor eating? Or, since I already have similar pillars, maybe I could build something like this. . . A girl can dream, right?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Lucketts Part One

My daughter asked me what activities
I might be interested in doing while I was visiting.
On the top of my list was to take a trip to
The Old Lucketts Store
. I had heard about Lucketts by reading blogs years ago
and I was excited to see if it was really as wonderful as I had read.
I was not disappointed. Talk about eye candy! I took tons of photos and it's still just a portion of all there was to see.
So for those of you, like me,
who enjoy perusing the pictures in magazines and on blogs
much more than reading the words, this post is for you.

Friday, June 24, 2011

This and That

While visiting my daughter and son-in-law I managed to keep myself busy in their cute little apartment. I joked with my daughter that having me for a mom is like having a dad and a mom come to visit because I do small home repair projects along with decorating and organizing. However she does lose out on having the sort of mom that deep cleans or bakes delightful goodies. That's just not me. Fortunately my daughter has many friends who volunteered to bring in delicious meals and desserts after baby was born so they enjoyed the best of everyone's talents.
On my last visit we curbside shopped this little piece that is used for kitchen storage. I decided to spruce it up using a few dollar store placemats and upholstery tacks.Do you see that gorgeous glass lamp? We found it at a thrift store for just a few dollars (along with that pretty green pedestal bowl). It originally had a light green tint that had been scratched off in a few places. About two hours later, with the use of a razor blade and an old credit card, I was able to take off all of the green leaving it clear and lovely.
And of course I had to do a few spray paint projects while visiting.
This stunning mirror was one.We picked it up at Lucketts. It was reasonably priced but it was a scary, ugly, yellow gold. Even after years of spray painting I am still amazed at how spray paint can transform almost anything.Next week I'll share more of our trip to the famous Lucketts store. I took about a hundred pictures (literally!) while I was there. It may have to be a two or three part post. So fun!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Botanic Garden and Dollar Store Orchids

One of my favorite places to visit in the DC area is
The United States Botanic Garden. Each time I go I find different things that inspire me.
This time was no exception.
I loved these arbors with their display of living plants.I'm always inspired by water features and creeks. I have great plans to make one in my own backyard---when I get enough money, time, energy, and muscle.
There are always beautiful hydrangeas to be found.One of my favorite rooms inside is the orchid room
filled with stunning displays of orchids.I love orchids!Even though I have two living orchid plants, I couldn't resist buying a few of the silk variety
when I saw them at the dollar store, along with some reindeer moss.With a little styrofoam secured in the bottom of some thrift store vases, I just stuck in the end of the orchid (cut to length)
and filled the vase with moss.This is the version I made for my daughter
using one of her beautiful thrifted vases.
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