Friday, April 5, 2013

Flower Power

I am loving this warm weather! My forsythia bushes are just beginning to bloom. The bright yellow blossoms make me smile. 
I spent some time this week planting purple and yellow pansies. I adore pansies! They are among the first to bloom in the Spring. They appear so delicate yet withstand the last snowstorms of winter. They are a beautiful reminder of endurance and strength
Isn't is interesting how the sight and/or smell of flowers can stir so many emotions and memories? Every year as I plant my petunias I sing a childhood song that reminds me to try to gladden the spot where I've been planted. Whenever I smell petunias their aroma transports me back to my youth to an amusement park where my family would go each year to celebrate my birthday. There is such a power in nature, which is one of the reasons I enjoy gardening.

Last year I happened upon a person who was so enthusiastic about gardening that they found a way to take their garden with them. (Please forgive the quality of my old phone pictures)
I truly admire people who find creative ways to share their passion! 
 I hope you can find some time today to share something you're passionate about. 


joanne said...

love the little pansies as they wave hello and smile with their perky little faces...reminds me to go and get some. Not quite planting time here but I'll put them in the kitchen window to brighten things up! Thanks for thinking Spring!

Shelise said...

I love the first picture. They have those plants on BYU Campus and I have no idea what they are. All I know is they're some of the first to bloom and are so bright and beautiful and help shirk off some of winters gloom.

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