Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Surrounded By Angels

I took a little blog break to spend time with family. 
In particular, this new little one and his sister. 
 Meet my fourth grandchild and first grandson. He was born on April fools day. 
He is a sweet soul who loves to snuggle.
   When he was just one week old my daughter and I took him and his big sister to visit the cherry blossoms in D.C. (they live in a neighboring state).
   We wanted to capture the memory with photos so I held him next to 
a branch brimming with blossoms.
   He was as content as could be and kept sleeping. I began talking to him to see if I could get him to open his eyes. I asked him if he remembered seeing his Poppie---the name my husband chose to be called instead of grandpa. (This little guy was born just a few days past the year mark of my husband's passing.) As soon as I asked the question our sweet baby gave the biggest grin which just kept getting 
bigger and bigger and lasted several seconds.
 Then my daughter asked him if he was sad that we couldn't see and be with Poppie. Immediately his grin changed into a pout that looked as if 
he was about to cry but stopped just short.
   Both my daughter and I started to tear up. We knew we had been given a tender reminder that angels are closer than we know. This is not the first confirmation we have had over the past year. There have been MANY. It is a fact that we are all surrounded by angels, both seen and unseen. You just have to be aware of the signs; like when a friend calls to lift your mood at just the right time, or when a stranger offers to help, or when you feel that calm assurance that, despite the odds, everything will be okay. It is consoling to know that we are not alone, that there are indeed angels among us.
And in case you have doubts about this little guy's reaction, he has never since smiled so long and big nor had such a sad face as he did that day. 
We know it was an affirmation straight from heaven. 


Diana said...

Praise God!!! He loves us and and caress for us! He works in mighty ways!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Oh I believe it! What a precious little baby...you still have Joys at Home!

'T' said...

Precious tender mercy. Although I've never met you, I have thought about you through your past year since your husband has passed. How blessed we are to know families are forever. Enjoy being a grandma to four sweet grandkids. :)

Joy said...

Thank you ladies for your sweet comments. I am grateful for you!

joanne said...

It seems that on those rare occasions when I am up late at night making the rounds I come to your blog. Always, and always I find a message in your words that fills my heart and whispers to my soul that there is more than just this life. You have been touched by angels. Congratulations on your new little grandson, he is a beautiful, joyful gift.

Lea said...

For He shall give His angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.... :)

Connie said...

What a sweet tender mercy you were blessed to witness and confirm in your heart that the veil is quite thin. Angels are definitely are amongst us.

Karenj said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story (and of course, your craftiness thru the years).
Take care!

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