Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Sofa Table That's So Good

This little table sits behind the sofa in our family room (I moved it out to take the picture). It wasn't a very complicated build. The legs are stair balusters turned upside down. The top is strips of old reclaimed wood and the skirting is upside down baseboard. It's a light weight table that's just the right size and height.


Anonymous said...

So dainty and cute. I saw a bunch of spindels at a flea market and thought about making a table too, but I was scared they were to thin to hold anything heavy.

Have a great day.


Shirlee said...

Hi Joy, just catching up after being away for a few days.
Great job as always on the sofa table and your displays are always so well put together. I'm vignette challenged!
Great tip on putting the battery operated candles in hollowed out ones. Alot safer especially during the holidays.
Have a great day! :)

Unknown said...

What a pretty table!

Marie said...

VERY cute! I have some "upside down baseboards" in my garage as we speak! :o) My husband made a sofa table for me years ago... very Shaker style. I'll be I could get him to do it again! Thanks for another wonderful idea.

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