Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It Started With a Suitcase

It started with a suitcase that contained all of my Barbie accessories (YES, I was born before Rubbermaid containers were popular forms of storage). I would spend time with Barbie and Ken designing their home. I was not one of those girls who had a Barbie house, so I improvised by using a coffee table. Barbie's formal living areas were on the carpet and her bedroom was on the "second story" coffee table. I also started to design and make furniture for my small client---she was easy to please. When I got too old to play with my own dolls I made doll furniture for the little girls I babysat.

Now, years and years later, I still have a soft spot in my heart for the memories associated with an old suitcase. I'm still improvising my home decor and designing and building furniture, only it's life size now. I have been blessed, in the last few years, to be able to help others design and decorate their homes. It's funny how one small suitcase can influence your life.

You've probably heard designers and home organizers give the hint to take pictures of your home so you can see it through new eyes? Well, this is why....notice the dirty windows, not quite closed drawers and the large cloche on the floor that hasn't found a new home yet? Oh well, who says life has to look like a magazine cover? After all, that's still life, not real life!


Alisia said...

Love the suitcases!!! You must be a designer!!

Alisia said...

I love love love this post. It is interesting and educating to see and read about my mom through the "blogs" eyes. That is a perfect first post. Love you!

Robolady said...

I love your suitcases. I guess none of them are tapered or the whole thing would be leaning forward :).
I really like the striped ones. I didn't even notice the "flaws" you mentioned. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Janet said...

Welcome to Blogland. I found you thru The Diet Coke Sisters and have enjoyed reading your posts. Stop by sometime for a visit.


~L~ said...

I just spent a lazy evening looking at all. Yes, all of your blog post. So very inspirational. And it doesn't hurt that we have very similar taste especially when it comes to thrifting. All your projects are beautiful but it was fun to see how you've progressed and your projects have bec0me so refined. Keep up the inspiration!

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