Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Darling Daughter's Wedding Decor

My only daughter just got married a few weeks ago. She requested that I be the one to decorate for the reception. I've decorated for other receptions and wedding luncheons by improvising with what I had on hand. But since she's my only daughter, I felt like I needed to do more than just improvise. Now mind you, I would NEVER recommend decorating for your child's wedding because, if you're like me, you look back at pictures of yourself and see only a very puffy-eyed, tired looking mother of the bride. But how could I say no to my one and only daughter, as well as to the opportunity to stretch my talents?

So the process began to design a backdrop that was simple yet elegant. It's so nice to have a husband who helps take my vision and make it a reality. I design, he builds, I paint and do the finish work. We make a great team!

The backdrop is made from wood and the center is embossed wall paper that I painted to look like tin. My daughter's wedding colors were red and black with a little silver thrown in to honor the glam of the girly-girl that she is. We also made the columns and centerpieces to go along with the backdrop. She was very happy with the outcome which made all the work worth it!!!

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