Saturday, March 22, 2008


When my children were younger I decorated almost every nook and cranny of my home with small holiday decorations, the kind that you buy at the dollar and discount stores. Now, I enjoy shopping at those same stores---I mean who doesn't like to save money right? But, I learned a trick or two from great designers. The trick is to mix the inexpensive decorations with a really nice upscale piece. I use this trick all through my home, not just for holiday decorations but in all my interior design. If you take one nice piece and throw in a few well chosen thrift finds or discount store items it packs more of a punch, so to speak, than a lot of little things.

I bought this hurricane glass at Target a few years ago. It was hard for me to justify the cost at the time. Let's face it, any decoration over $10 that can be easily broken by boys (I have four of them) is usually something I really have to think about before purchasing. But this purchase has been worth it. I change it out seasonally and it always has a prominent place in my living room. For this holiday I filled it with plastic eggs from the dollar store, that originally had skewers stuck in each, and with pussy willow branches (real and fake). And of course, I hung glass eggs to make it an Easter tree. A little tip: Place the branches in a smaller vase inside the larger one, that way the branches stand up tall and they visually fill the vase.

It's nice to know that even our cat approves of my holiday decorations. That's her LICKING the bow. I guess that means my decor is pet friendly!

Wishing all my family and friends a wonderful Easter!

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Victoria Lynn said...

Love your cat photo! Reminds me of my three silly kitties. Your photos are beautiful. Blessings, Victoria Lynn

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