Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Repurposing Shutter Doors

When we first moved to our house the living room windows were UGLY! They had dark frames with dark glass---just think of three big black holes and you've got the picture. The windows are so large that it would cost a small fortune to buy window coverings. We have since changed out the windows to beautiful white framed ones that have the look of panes instead of huge picture windows. I love my windows now! But in the years before the nice windows I used these shutter doors that are hinged together to give us some privacy as well as add a decorative element to detract from the ugliness of the old windows.

These shutters now serve as a room divider to hide an area in my home that still needs some improvement(you wouldn't want to see a picture of that). The shutters have also done duty as a backdrop for guest speakers at church functions and for wedding receptions. They are very versatile. They have served me well, much more than their original purpose as closet doors.


Shirlee said...

Hi, found my way through Margo/Robolady. I have to comment on the impressive luggage collection you have. Wow!
I read all your previous posts and I too never had a barbie house and had to improvise. I used the dining room chairs as her "shop" (I could hang all the clothes on the chair rungs and used After Eight choc. mint wrappers as shopping bags).
I love all your creative ideas and I would probably tell people "yes" the bird died or the cat got him.
So clever using it for seasonal decorating.
Enjoyed my visit! Have a great day. :)

Sallie said...

There are shutters there? I'm sorry but I must have missed them as I stared at the tall set of suitcases and fell in love :-)

Love all your pics.. they are great!

God bless,

Carmen said...

Wow! Those suitcases are fabulous!!!

Michelle Anne Rufino said...

I am in love with those luggage as well! Your house looks amazing. I think the white shutters and window shades made the room look more elegant. A nice way to add privacy to any room in your house. Anyway, where did you get those luggage? That is the best!

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