Monday, April 14, 2008

The Story of Our Home

Several years ago we were bursting at the seams of our old home----seven people in four TINY bedrooms was just a little too close. We sold our home and had plans to build a beautiful little two story. Months passed and our plans weren't coming together, so we had to choose Plan B. We searched for an existing home. We needed to find one that would be suitable for our entire family. At the time our children ranged in age from high school to toddler. While driving around one day, in a neighborhood we liked, we found this home. My first reaction was, "It's the ugliest house in the neighborhood!"(Please don't be offended if your house looks like this). It wasn't my style and had been a beaten-up rental for years. At the time we knew that our prayers of finding a home for our family had been answered---just not the way we thought. Now we know we were blessed with more than what we had asked. Our family has flourished here.
This home allowed me to develop my designing talents. I enlarged a picture of our home, placed it on a light board, put paper on top and I began to redesign. How could I make this home mine without doing an extreme makeover? Finally everything fell into place (good thing because several windows were broken and rocks were falling off).

We put our boys to work demolishing and found a friend to reconstruct. Now I smile every time I see my home because it truly is my home. If your home doesn't make you smile, think about changes you can make. It doesn't have to be a major overhaul, maybe just a fresh coat of paint on the door or some beautiful flowers planted along the walk. Spring is a great time to make changes to the outside of your home.

This picture was taken last fall when the grass was green and flowers were in bloom.


Gerald said...

looks great!

Shirlee said...

Fab job on giving your home a facelift! I had to go back and enlarge the before pics and take a good look at all the changes you made. It looks totally different.
We also have been victims of buying the "ugly" house on the block. I wouldn't say our current home is "ugly" but it's pretty plain looking and my biggest pet peeve is a previous owner put brown shingles on the main part of the house and green on the porch and other additions. Our home was also a rental prior to us purchasing it so that may explain a lot of the questionable fix-ups etc.
And we were also in a situation of having to buy a house quick. When I first saw the house, I thought to myself that it looked like a house a little old couple lived in. I still think that way.

ps. love the door cabinet you and your DH made.


Anonymous said...


Bettsi McComb said...

Wow!!! An amazing and beautiful transformation!

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