Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Topiary Anyone?

Spring is finally starting to arrive here. I am entertaining thoughts of playing outside and planting flowers. However, thoughts of weeding are never entertaining!
Here's a quick and easy project. Purchase those little inexpensive metal finials and a tomato cage or two. If your finials are rusty like mine, spray the cage with a primer paint that's reddish rust in color. Once dry, turn the cage upside-down and place the point ends into the finial. Use a two-part epoxy (I used JB Weld) to secure. If you want to dress it up a bit, place grapevine balls inside or spiral a grapevine around the form. You now have an inexpensive topiary form to grow climbing vines on.


martha said...

Great idea! Where can I find the finials? Found your lovely web through "Blog of the Day" (or something like that!

Joy said...

I found my finials at little boutique shops and at a wrought iron fence company for two to three dollars. You can probably find them on line, or think about using finials from drapery rods. Hope that helps.

Marie said...

Joy!I can't stop reading your blog. And I'm kicking myself for not knowing about it months ago! I LOVE when I find a new blogger that I ADORE but also get crazy that I could have been adoring you months earlier! (ha ha) This topiary idea is SO SMART!

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