Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Times and Places

My hubby and three of our children have had the opportunity to go out into the world to serve and teach people---we are Mormons, and they were called to serve missions. It has been a wonderful, life changing experience for each one of them. About a year and a half ago we had two children serving, one son in Russia and our daughter was in Argentina. To help us stay a little more connected, I hung this large map in our office/computer/game room. I found the frame while thrift shopping. Above the map hang five clocks, one for each time zone where each of my family members served and one for home. Below, on the thin board are labels of the cities. This wall is not just decorative, it helps bring back memories and serves as motivation for our two sons who have yet to be called to serve.


Shirlee said...

What a great idea and I like the look of it all put together.
Your family must have some wonderful memories of their travels and the work that they've done. What an exciting way to "give back". :)

rachel said...

Neatest idea EVER!
I just discovered your blog last night and have read the whole thing start to finish!!! You are amazing. amazing. amazing.
My kids saw you were LDS and told me you should be my best friend. So there. You're my new best friend and I'm in LOVE with your blog.

~B~ said...

This is awesome. It gave me great inspiration for our office. My husband is serving a different type of mission. Miltary. Right now we are over here in Belgium for the next 4yrs. I do not always comment because you have so many people that comment. I do not want you to feel bad if I am just one more person that you can not get to. Just know that I get inspiration from your blogs every time you post one and have for awhile. I love how strong of faith you are, you have a nice strong testimony. The kind when I was a little girl going to the Lincoln Heights ward in Salt Lake City I said I would get one day. So thank you for sharing the JOY that is you, your home and your family. I will make sure I come back and invite you when I put up a map with time zones and stuff. So you can see what your inspiration caused


" Hope may be frail, but it is hard to kill,who knows what mircales you can achieve when you believe"

Ginger Rogers said...

YOU GO GIRL! This is AWESOME! I came across your blog from "blog hoping"! I feel soooooo lucky to have stumbled onto this treasure of a find! I stopped subscribing to magazines for more reasons than one. But I missed that joyful feeling I get from viewing and then creating! WELL....your blog has filled the "no more magazines" ho hums. Your blog is BETTER than a magazine! I JUST LOVE IT!!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas! I too am Mormon and LOVE the clocks with the map idea for your missionaries out and serving the Lord! AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!
(I wish I new how to become a follower??? I'm so new to this blog stuff.)

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