Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Old Dog, New Tricks

What is it about learning something new? It's both terrifying and exhilarating! That's one reason I started blogging, I wanted the challenge of learning to use a digital camera as well as learning more computer skills----I already have nun chuck skills (bad joke from Napoleon Dynamite movie). After talking for months about starting a blog, my daughter finally made me do it late one night. I am ever so grateful to her. I also have to thank Kim because she has been there to answer my dumb questions via email. We only know each other from blog land---she couldn't even pick me in a line up. Thanks Kim!
A few years ago I decided to take a stained glass class. I'd wanted to do it for about twenty years and the timing was finally right. We had tackled the job of remodeling our kitchen all on our own, (a future post) and I wanted one cabinet door to have a stained glass insert. The class was challenging but fun! Someday, when the time is right again, I plan to take another class.
The entire class had to make a small sun catcher as the first project. Much to the teacher's dismay I chose the door insert to be my second. Luckily, it turned out beautiful, thanks to a little help from the teacher.

Every time I walk into my kitchen and see my stained glass it makes me happy. It reminds me that it's important to continue to learn and that you can teach an old dog new tricks! What have you learned lately?


Mrs. B said...

That is gorgeous! I never would have thought to do it as a cabinet door insert. I bet it looks great in your kitchen!

I guess figuring out Blogger is one of the main things I've learned lately! That and how important it is to back up my files!

Shirlee said...

I have always wanted to learn how to do stained glass, lucky you to have had the opportunity to do so.
Your piece in the kitchen really adds a personal touch to the space. Looking forwards to seeing what you've done in there.

I'm glad you posted about the tipsy pots. I had instructions saved on my computer but totally forgot about it until I saw yours. I have the perfect spot for this at the side of the house. Not sure if I'll get to it this summer as I"m trying to get the front somewhat presentable.

Nicole said...

I just found your blog, and it's so cute. I love your ideas, and your home is beautiful. Your going on my favorites list :)

Bettsi McComb said...

How pretty! I'd like to do something in the fanlight of my front door. Have you ever read "The House of Belief" by Kelee Katillac? Great book all about how filling our homes with our own creative efforts strengthens and empowers us.

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