Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Proof of an Addiction

These are some of the thrift store treasures I purchased during the past week. Isn't it a delightful display! It's the stuff that makes my heart skip a beat and puts a smile on my face, which is why I have to openly admit that I am addicted! I can't help it. Just look at this stuff:
*an old picnic basket that matches one I already have
*a tarnished silver tray with a lot of character
*two milk glass Sunkist juicers
*a Martha Stewart measuring scoop
*a great frame and a beaded board clock
*three urns (an idea for a future post)
*a vintage vase
*a striped suitcase---you know how I love suitcases
I do admit that I have an addiction, but I justify it by saying that I only have a few addictions (chocolate, thrift stores---you understand, right?!?!). I think it's one of the healthier addictions to have. I haven't gotten to the point that my family would turn me into Oprah because I have a warehouse full of stuff. . . a room full, but not a warehouse full.
Anyway, the first step to recovery is to admit that you have an addiction. I admit it! But I also admit that I'm not willing to give it up. I mean, what's wrong with a little harmless addiction?


Anonymous said...

I'll join your thrif shop addiction club. I find myself going more that twice a week. Pretty sad but in the end I do find some cool cheap stuff and that is all that matters.

Great finds!


Shirlee said...

Shall we form a group for chocoholic thrifters? You do have a knack for finding great suitcases. I once found a super cute blue makeup case but somewhere along the line, it got lost in a move. I never see great vintage ones like you have. :(
I think the silver tray would look great in your bathroom with some pretty white soaps on it. :)

Thrifting is just so much fun. In fact, I already warned the hubby that I'm going to hit the shops while on vacation next month. One of our stops is a town that boasts is an antiquers paradise.

Have a great day!

Thrifty Miss Priss said...

Put me in your thrift shoppers addiction group too. I seriously start planning my thrift store trips on Friday at work and as the day goes on I can feel my mood lifting! I worry myself I buy stuff that I really do not need! I try to limit myself to one bag, unless I just can't control myself! But I don't yet qualify for that Oprah episode!

Tausha said...

i just came across your blog-read your first post and was hooked! We are kindred sisters. i too love chocolate and thrift stores. I love the D.I. I get such a high from finding things that no one else wants and/or thinks is junk. Ha ha-jokes on them. I too, love suitcases. I will have to post my suitace table that i have set up in my hall-super cute. So-new friend, we both live in utah, lds, thrift shopper and chocolate, come on over and say hi-we can be friends. I am excited to see what else your blog has to say-maybe we will have more in common-who knows. I am also doing a swap if you would like to participate. The more the merrier! who would'nt want to get a FUn pkg in the mail. So-come on by. Talk to you soon!

Tausha said...

ok-i know that i already left a post-but i just had to come back and say how much i loved your blog. You and I have very similar tastes in decorating. Your ideas are great and the little quotes about what is really imporant, keeps everything in perspective. I love decoarting-changing and expressing myself through my home and the homes that i decorate. You have inspired me to take more pics of my own home and post about them and the fun ideas that I come up with. it just might inspire someone else-just like you have inspired me. I hope that we can be bloggy friends. i know that you are a little bit older than me-but please don't let that matter. I will be adding your blog to my blog roll and will be back to visit. So-stop by and say hello when you get a second. happy day to you! Oh and keep the ideas coming!

Nicole said...

Wow, where did you find all that cool stuff? I saw that your remodeling your house, it looks awesome. My family just opened a buisness off 120th south. They sell everything from light fixtures to cabinets to flooring, if your interested they said anyone I referred they would give a good deal too.

tricia said...

You scored some great finds! (and they make a lovely still life, all place together.)

Kari & Kijsa said...

Love all your finds! The picnic basket is fabulous!

Have a blessed day!

smiles, kari & kijsa

Bonnie said...

I have been sick in bed for over a week now and all I really want to do is go thrift shopping. I am having withdrawls. I think I might know exactly how you feel. The items you bought are fab!!!!

Mrs. B said...

If you're going to have an addiction, this is a good one to have! I love your goodies. I haven't been to the thrift stores in a while because I've been yard saling, but I need to check them out again.

Thanks for your tips on furniture arrangement. I used to always pull that chair and table away from the wall, and then hubby would come along and move them back. I think it's time to pull them out again! I wish I could move that chair over by the armoire but there's really not room. It's a pretty small room.

megan said...

Wow! You found lots of really cute stuff. You have a great eye!

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