Wednesday, May 7, 2008

TP Storage

"Moooommmm, where's the toilet paper?!?"
"Honey, can you go get me some toilet paper?"
Have you heard these phases shouted through a closed door? Well, here's a simple and decorative solution.

Next time you're at the thrift store and see an old CD storage box, buy it! Most boxes fit very nicely on the back of the toilet and the openings are usually the perfect size for toilet paper. You can even spray paint them to match your bathroom. It's easy to see when you're running low on T.P. and you'll never hear those cries of desperation again. Even your guests know where to find a new roll.

It's a great solution for the T.P. blues.

Now if someone can just explain to me why the male species has such a hard time changing the roll. . .


Linda said...

What a fabulous idea, thank you.
Cheers Linda

Shirlee said...

That is such a clever and creative solution. Especially for guests who might feel awkward either asking for or rummaging through the vanity or cupboard looking for some.
My son leaves the roll empty all the time and the DH will re-fill it but leaves the empty roll sitting around, never throws it in the garbage. I can't figure that one out! :)

ps I saw a great cd stand a while back and kept thinking I should buy that. Never did and now I'm sorry! If I see something cool (and cheap) from now on, I think I might just buy it and come to you for suggestions!

Colana said...

LOL! I hear you! If I could get one of my kids to change the tp roll, I would roll over dead! LOL Great idea for the toilet paper rolls.

Gale said...

It looks like modern art!!

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