Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Love a Good Thrift Find

If you've read any of my blog, you know that I love to shop at thrift stores.
I love the "thrill of the hunt"!
I love not having to pay high retail prices.
I love to find something that can be re-worked, re-painted, or re-made into a true treasure.
I love being able to make money stretch a little further.
I love to create something new out of something old.
I love to use someone else's castoffs to give my home personality.
I love that my home is warm and inviting because it has a mix of old and new.
I love that there is nothing in my home more valuable or important than the people within it.
And I love that I don't have to freak out when my boys wrestle on my furniture, or when our cat does this. . .


Shirlee said...

Good Morning! I'm just catching up on my blog reading and I guess I was leaving comments as you were posting. I left you a "thank you" for the award on your award post. I love your blog and as you are well aware, a big fan of all your creative ideas and handiwork. So I'm honoured to be your unofficial fan club prez. I take it that it's an unpaid position? (smile).
As you know, I love a good thrift store or find. It is all about the thrill of the hunt.

Your kitty is adorable even while being naughty. I have one that did that too but I think she's too plump now to get up into the furniture.

Have a great day! :)

Jennifer L. said...

Way too cute.

Anonymous said...

I am right there with you. I love thrifting and to think I just discovered it a year ago. Just think of all the money I could have saved myself all these years. Even before thrifting I always shopped the clearence section first. I was wondering the other day about the mixture of styles in my home and I realized I did not really have one. I just like all things that are pretty. One thing I don't like is contemporary. It's to cold for my taste. Stop by tomorrow and see my latest finds.


Shirlee said...

Me again, I didn't realize you didn't have the E for Excellent award. I was typing up a post about it and I passed one onto you.
Come on over and get it! :)

Paper Dolls For Boys said...

Bad kitty!

I think of us as modern day pirates, hunting for treasure.

Taddie Tales said...

OMG - that photo is hilarious. What a mischeivious little fur ball. Ditto on what Paper Dolls said... Just can't beat the thrill of the hunt.

tricia said...

My cat does the same thing! The first time he did he, we were so worried because we couldn't find him anywhere!

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