Friday, May 23, 2008

Urned Love

Remember those three white urns from my previous post? As much as I love a nice white urn, these were not nice. The finish was flat, chalky and grungy. They didn't have a finished glaze coat, so of course that meant that they could easily be painted! I used black craft paint. Black just seems to make things a bit classier. I once heard a designer say, "Think of the color of black this way . . .you can wear a cheap pair of white pants or a cheap pair of black pants, but the black pants will always look more expensive." So that's been my design philosophy when I'm trying to class up something with a little paint.
I finished off each urn with a clear coat, floral foam, moss and a pear.

They sit in my kitchen window sill, above my sink, which is really white and not the sickly pink that the picture shows. I always seem to do a post on my windows on cloudy days, so the picture turns out a little off in color.


Jennifer L. said...

What a cute idea. I've been looking for something for my kitchen window as well, but haven't found anything yet.

Shirlee said...

I had checked in on ya earlier today and you hadn't posted anything new yet. I need my "Joy" fix since I've got nothing creative going on and you always do. I thought to myself, "I'll bet she's working on the urns". :)
And there they are!
I like that quote about the pants, I'll have to remember that.
They turned out really nice and have a nice sheen now. What are they made of? I can see changing them out for different seasons too. They'd look cute with little gift boxes all wrapped up sitting on berry wreaths for the holiday season, pumpkins for fall, eggs at Easter etc.

Have a great weekend!

Joy said...

Shirlee you are SO clever! Love your seasonal ideas. The urns are ceramic. The inside was glazed, but the outside wasn't.

Susie Harris said...

1. Im in love with your blog.
2. Can we be friends?
3. Can we go thrift shopping together?
4. Have I scared you off yet?
I hope not! It's so late and my eyes are buldging out of my head. May I add you to my sidebar cause I would love to come back and visit when I can see clearly. No, I dont drink... it's just almost midnight here and it's so nice and peaceful...=) hope to chat again soon.. Susie H

Tausha said...

great idea! I see urns like that all the time-i never knew what to do with them.. Thank for the great ideas. I hope that the next time you come back to my blog-I will have something decorative on it-lets cross our fingers. Dang last day of school-tend to through me for a loop! I gree with shirlee-even though i just found your blog-I need a fix-a decorative, cheep, easily and quickly done fix! Thanks for the ideas!

Rue said...

Hi Joy :)

I found you via Mrs. B.

I love how you did this! Your comment cracked me up about the black and white pants, because it's so true :)

Have a beautiful Memorial Day,

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love how your urns turned out.


Jenns Three Graces said...

This is simple - clever and elegant - perfecto! Jennifer

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