Thursday, April 23, 2009

Simplicity At It's Best

Sometimes it's the
simplest of things
that make you smile.Moss and rocks from the yard
in a pretty little white dish,
resting on a book with a great title,
with a motivational thought
thrown in for good measure.
If you want to make your own fork easel,
just click here for directions


Michelle said...

love those special things that make me smile:)

Chanelle said...

You are so great at putting little things around your house that make you happy when you look at them. I am learning that the accessories I put in my home don't necessarily have to match anything, they just need to make me smile! Thanks for the inspiration.

Funky Junk Sisters said...

Just found your blog and love it! We are adding it to our blogroll!
Check us out at

Small House said...

I'm glad you posted the fork tutorial. THANKS!

Allidink said...

Oh my gosh that little fork easel is so cute! I am totally going to make one! Great little "simple" set up you have there!

All the best,

Joanna said...

I love the little things. Those are what always make me the happiest.

bj said...

Just beautiful and I am so going to make a fork easel...too cute.

Sweet Caroline said...

I love the fork easel. That is so perfect for those little tiny messages. I love your moss, too. I should go pick some from my yard. It is all over the place!

Simple and happy.

jenjen said...

Cute, cute little touches!


Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful!! I had forgotten all about your fork easel, thanks for the reminder. I need to make one for my foyer table!

Janice said...

I love the fork idea. I really want to try making one.
I used one of your ideas in my house. I found a really cool red plate at the DI (Thrift store) and placed my initial in the middle and made a cute area in my kitchen with it. I love to stare at it.
Thanks for your fun ideas.

Mimi Sue said...

Simple things are always the best. Mimi

Jennifer said...

Love the fork idea... I have to make some!

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