Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tell Me I'm Not Alone

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who plans to mail out Christmas cards and then runs out of time. The sad fact is that this has happened for the last two or three years. Did you know that some people take you off their Christmas card mailing list if they haven't heard from you in a while? I realize that many of you keep in touch with old friends using the internet but, to me, emails just can't replace the thrill of receiving a card in the mail from a loved one. This year I intended to mail my Christmas cards early but, with our son's accident and other life events, once again I ran out of time. Yet I was still determined to let old friends know that they're in our thoughts. I decided to mail New Year's cards. There is just one problem. There are no New Year's cards to be found! Hallmark really should consider making a line of cards for procrastinators like me.
I refused to let this stop me. I sketched out the numbers 2010 and cut only the outer edges for my card template.
Then I traced and cut the design onto cardstock that was folded in half. Next I printed a little sentiment and glued it inside. Now our friends will know that we still care, even if our thoughts are a bit belated.
Before it gets too late,
I want to wish you, my blog friends,
a wonderful 2010!

May the New Year Bring You Happiness,
Peace, Laughter,

and the Best of Memories.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

You Never Know Until You Try

Very few things stay the same in my home. Even if I love the way something looks, I find it exciting to challenge myself to make a few changes, if only to see if I'll love it even more.
After all, you never know until you try right?
This little shelf we built, that hangs above the potty, has looked like this for some time.
And these pretty bottles sat in the bathroom window far too long. So I combined them and added a few more bottles from around the house.
Now the little bathroom shelf looks like this. A fresh, new change
for the new year.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Did You See It?

Did you see glimpses of it in my Christmas photos? We've made a few changes in our family room.
Remember my post about The Beast? You were all so kind to remind me that
comfort isn't always about
good looks

I was even beginning to accept The Beast, perhaps even embrace it. And then one day it happened! Son #2 plopped on the couch (as boys/men tend to do) and we heard an odd sound. The sound, combined with the sight of him sitting a bit lower in the couch, was the tell-tale sign that
it was time to release The Beast.
Yes, it was clear that it was time to replace our couch.
I began my search in thrift stores and the on-line classifieds.
But I discovered that I couldn't find anything that I loved more
and was a better price than The Beauty.
We love our "new" couch!
It's smaller scale is a much better fit
and the colors truly compliment the room.
Yes, I'm worried that my men will eventually destroy The Beauty.
But it will be worn out in serving my family---
what better way to be worn out, right? After all, my

home is meant to house
loved ones and good memories

not showroom furniture.
With the addition of thrifted down-filled pillows
and a throw (to cover a small hole),

The Beauty is so comfy! And now I love my family room again, flaws and all.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Reminders of Christmas

Here's a few more
reminders of Christmas
from our home to yours.

The real reminder
that we keep all year.

Wishing you a
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Thrifty Decor

You know me well enough to know that some of my "new" Christmas decorations were purchased at the thrift store. Let's play a little show and tell.
See these gigantic faux poinsettia plants?
Gorgeous, aren't they? Yep, I found them at the thrift store. They originally came from a very nice boutique. The $99.99 price tag was still on them. I was so excited when I found them and I didn't even have to race to grab them! Why? Because I purchased them in the summer, when few people have Christmas decorations on their mind. I always keep an eye out for holiday decorations, no matter the time of year. A perfect time to stock up on decorations from the thrift store is right after any holiday because people give things away that they don't want to store.
I found this big, beautiful glass vessel a few months ago.
It's very similar to ones you would find in the PB catalog. I love it and I didn't want to hide it away when I brought out my decorations. I figured since it was a Christmas color I could make it work. So I added a little tree charm, paired it with a mercury glass finial, and the combination makes me smile. It really doesn't take much to turn something ordinary into a decoration; usually just the addition of a little ribbon trim or a shiny bauble can brighten the ordinary into Christmas extraordinary.
One of my favorite thrift store discoveries this year is this deer.
I think that he may be made with real leather, at least he looks like it. I added the wreath to his neck so that he would look like one of Santa's reindeer. I found him in the toy aisle of the thrift store, which is a reminder to look in the unexpected places when you shop. Often times great things can be found in the oddest of places in the thrift store, so it's wise to keep your eyes open.
I added a little thrift store garland to the mix and I have a fancy boutique display for an unbelievably low price.
That's the beauty of thrift store shopping!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Glitz Galore

I began my mercury glass collection
last Christmas with a few items that were on sale.
After Christmas my collection expanded.
Who can resist 90% off?!?

This year I wanted to display my collection on my huge mantle/shelf in the dining room. I needed a beautiful backdrop.
I thought about using mirrors, but I used that design concept last year.
So the gears in my little mind started to turn and I came up with this idea.
I pulled a pretty copper colored frame from my stash. Then I pulled out the heavy-duty foil from my pantry and started cutting out squares of foil. I wanted to achieve a look of
"silver-leaf collides
with antique mirror"
without the expense.
I sprayed each sheet with adhesive and stuck them onto the picture,
in a random pattern, dull side up.
I was doing the happy dance because I got the look I desired!All that was left was to glitz it up
with my mercury glass collection.
I added a few sparkly items from dollar stores
(mirrored trees, big silver ornaments, and shiny garland).
And metallic leaves found at the thrift store.
I am thrilled with my
glitzy-almost-over-the-top mantle/shelf
and the couldn't-be-a-more-perfect-backdrop frame.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wreaths Galore

While sorting through my decorations I was amazed at how
many wreaths
I've gathered over the years.
I thought that I'd

have a little fun

and try to display as many as possible.
After all, wreaths are an important Christmas decoration---
coming second only to the Christmas tree.

I hung them everywhere!
On doors, of course.
And cupboards too.
In frames.
On a wire reindeer.
On hooks.
On lampshades.Just to name a few.
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