Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sowing Seeds

I've always thought it would be fun
to start flowers for my yard from seeds.
This year with finances so tight, and still having a desire for
a bounty of beauty,
it has become a necessity. To help fill our gardens with flowers,
I decided to try my hand at sowing seeds indoors.
I purchased little green houses and
gathered a few packets of seeds.
Now, just a few days later, I'm excited to report
a little growth
Does it concern me that I should have
started this process
about six weeks ago
in order to enjoy blooms before the fourth of July?
Not really.
But isn't that what real growth is all about?
Overcoming our mistakes and
blossoming despite them.


bj said...

good luck with sowing your seeds. some of the prettiest zennias i've ever had were from throwing a handful of seeds into my garden once. they came up so strong and pretty and no fuss at all.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your gardens are beautiful, Joy! Every few years, I will try the seed route, but I never have any luck with them. I seem to do okay with self-seeders though (probably because my hand is not involved in those).

Suzanne said...

I didn't know, until now, that you could grow wave petunias from seed.

My mom used to grow all her flowers from seeds, and it always turned out great. I'm sure yours will be beautiful, maybe even by the 4th. (Miracle Grow, baby!)

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

How sweet! I've always wanted to do that . . to start from scratch. Your yards look beautiful, really nice. Thanks for sharing the pics. Happy Thursday!

angela said...

Beautiful pictures!! I'm going to try Morning Glory seeds. I guess I better get a move on!

Tausha said...

inspiring my friend! I have always wanted to do this. My grandparents had a nursery growing up and I always wondered if I would have a green thumb like them.
So far-not so much-but I don't quit trying!!
Can't wait to see all your beautiful blooms!
PS-did you ever find moss rocks? I still have one bag that I would be willing to send you if your interested. Let me know if I can help.
Happy Thursday!

Jaci said...

BEAUTIFUL,Joy! Wishing you bounteous blossoms! :)

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I love the red chairs in your garden and of course all of the beautiful flowers!

Robyn said...

Way to go on starting your own seeds! I have the plants my dad started for me from seed in his greenhouse posted on my blog...come by and see them sometime! They're pinwheel zinnias and I've got them planted in flower boxes hanging over the side of my deck. Happy gardening! Robyn

Silver Strands said...

wonderful thoughts! And it looks like your plants are going to be a success regardles of the late start. Congratulations!

S said...

I've started some seeds in little containers just like that for the same reason. Those trays are great and the seeds sprouted a full week earlier than the package said they would! I can't wait until they're big enough to put in the ground. GOOD LUCK!! :)

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

You have a lovely yard! And obviously a penchant for red, as I do! I don't have as much luck with seeds. I have the most luck with Hyacinth Bean Vine & Morning Glories. I've had some luck with four o'clocks. Seems the vines come up best for me.

Heather said...

Beautiful & inspiring!

Bonnie said...

I'm impressed! I did seeds for my garden this year. Last year I did flower seeds but they took forever and I wanted flowers fast so this year I bought flowers to plant in my baskets!

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