Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blossoming Inspiration

Inspired by Susan's surprise and a trip to the dollar store,
where I spied these poppy bouquets,
I decided to create a new door display of my own.
I began by rummaging through my
thrift store orphanage/storage room and discovered this
charming metal hanging pocket. I was naturally drawn to it about a year ago because
it replicates old ceiling tins.
I was thrilled to be finally giving it a purpose in my home.

I think it's
the perfect poppy container! They both conjure up feelings of years gone by,
so what would be more appropriate than to finish them off with
a little burlap and vintage lace.


Vic said...

That turned out perfectly:) Gorgeous!~

'T' said...

stunning... what would we do without dollar stores?

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

It looks sweet . . I love to decorate my entry . . it so welcomes everyone. Got to love the dollar store too . . Happy Wednesday!

Lisalulu said...

oh yea, love that dollar store, and You made it look like 50.00

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Very pretty, Joy! I love those pocket containers because they work on my front door {between the door and the storm door}, where I can't normally fit things, like wreaths or baskets.

Annie Joy said...

How inspiring! It gives me an idea for Reader's Digest Condensed books -- altered into handbags. You could use one of these for the holder as well. Thank you! Annie

Anonymous said...

SO SUper Cute! I love it... makes me want to try one of my own!. :) thanks for posting

Life Is Crazy Beautiful said...

GREAT! I have a white tin bucket on my front door with faux hyndrangea. Makes me want to paint it green (and rub the green paint off the raised parts so they'll stay white).

Connie said...

Beautiful!! You have a talent for finding useful and pretty things; add a few blooms and you're done.

S said...

I LOVE faux flowers!! In fact, I get teased that I have an addiction.. I love the tin hanging pocket! So perfect together.

Frippery said...

Beautiful! I was so inspired I ran to DT and scooped up the last few poppies. Thanks for sharing.

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