Monday, November 14, 2011

Coffee Table Talk

I've been making some changes to our living room. What can I say, I get bored with the same old look after a while. As much as I loved the coffee table we made from an old door, I couldn't resist buying this authentic factory cart from a cabinet factory that was going out of business. It's currently loaded with pumpkins.
A real pumpkin is resting on a gorgeous thrifted frame
and the pumpkins that I made last year
are grouped inside a wooden box,
also a thrift store find,
that I added a handle to give it the look of an old drawer.
I love to change things around because it makes me look at
old things in a new way.


Gayle said...

Wow Joy! I LOVE your new coffee table? I don't suppose they have any of those left to buy? (wishing) Can you tell me where you got it!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a great looking piece, Joy! It looks even better with your pumpkins on top!

Ashley's Nest said...

I love both of your coffee tables. I have always wanted a coffee table with wheels. I think they are so unique and I really like the distressed wood with them.

Our Paper Plates said...

Yay! You scored it big with the cart. I love it. And your simple fall look is divine :) Hope you are enjoying your fall!

Sadie said...

I saw a table like that at Living Spaces a few weeks ago while buying bunkbeds... can't find it on their site though.

Andy Porter said...

I adore all of your beautiful changes and your sense of style. Is that green coffee table up for grabs now?? lol. Thanks for your inspiring posts. You are truly talented.

Chad and Mary Beth @ Nothing But Country said...

Love your new coffee table however I would love to know the paint color on your old green one. :)

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