Thursday, March 31, 2011

Turtle Speed

I am a turtle when it comes to home improvement. While some can slam out a painted room in a day, I take it slow and steady.Perhaps it's because I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I take my time cutting in my paint lines just right, without taping, just using a good angled brush and a steady hand.
Maybe it's because my family needs time to adjust to change. The most common question asked when I'm doing any improvement is, "Why are you changing that???" (When I reply that it's just because I want to, they usually walk away confused.)
Then there is my simple love of savoring change---somewhat like eating a delectable dessert as slowly as possible so it can be enjoyed to it's fullest. I savor those giddy feelings as I watch my project go from an idea in my head to a reality in my home.
Such is the case with my dining room wall. I am delighted with it's transformation from antiqued green to "Blacktop"---the most deep and luscious gray/brown/green.My shelf has been stripped and primed. The antique tin has been released from years of paint, rust, and grime; a look I once loved but am ready for something new. I am so excited to add the final layers of glaze to both projects but it will be done at turtle speed so that both my family and I can appreciate the flavor of change.
Are you a rabbit or a turtle when it comes to home improvement projects?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Adding a Few Coats

The weatherman has predicted warmer weather (finally!).
And while many will be shedding their coats,
this area of my home is calling for me
to put on a few coats today.I'm so happy to finally be able to do some painting!
Do you have happy plans for today?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hints of Past, Present, and Future

Once again I seem to have disappeared from the blogging world. After several years of blogging there is one thing that I have come to know: Time spent with family and friends is more important than any blog post that I could create. Time is such
a precious commodity
and I am striving to spend my time as wisely as possible.Last week I attended the funeral of a wonderful man. I listened as the speakers praised his life. Each acknowledged his devotion to his family, church, community, and country. They told of his attributes of kindness, charity, service, gratitude, and love. I reflected upon my own life. How do I want to be known? As a loving wife, a devoted mother, an adoring nonny, a kindhearted friend, someone who could make you laugh, a generous soul, a woman who knows God and whose words and actions reflect her religious beliefs, an inspiration, faithful, considerate, talented, appreciative, creative, giving, gracious. . . and the list continues. Did I even think to add "great blogger" to the list? The answer is, "No." Please don't misunderstand. I really do love blogging. It motivates me to learn and create and get out of my comfort zone. But, as with anything in life, when it becomes my only focus I become unbalanced and unhappy. And so as I enter into my fourth year of blogging I am determined to keep things in perspective. What does that mean? Well, just to name a few. . .It means that I will be a better steward of my time, talents, and energy. I will use my blog to document the things I make and do in my home instead of using my home to make a blog. I will cease doing "fluff" projects just for the sake of posting. I will try to refrain from comparing my home and blog to others. I will stop buying thrifted items merely because they will make for a great "before and after post."
Blogging can be a great blessing, but it can also be a bit of a curse. I am learning that the trick is to not allow blogging to become a bigger part of life than the life I am living and blogging about.
If you have endured my ramblings thus far I want you to know that I am ever appreciative of the time you spend here. You have supported me as I have weathered a few storms over the past year and I am thankful to you. I am humbled by you and am grateful for your influence. You inspire me and I am honored to be a small part of your life. Truly!
This photo will give you a hint as to why I took a break from blogging last week.My only daughter, who lives too far away, was in town. She and her hubby are pregnant with their first child; a girl. We spent the week planning, reminiscing, laughing, crying, loving, and attending baby showers. It was delightful!!! She left for home today and so to ease the pains of separation I will be cleaning up these exciting finds from the Habitat store, as well as picking and buying paint for a few projects.I am trying to prepare my home for an exciting event. I hope that you will join me in viewing the homes of several talented bloggers. My goal is to be able to tour each of these beautiful homes looking for inspiration and appreciating the gifts and talents that others have been given. The Parade of Homes will be a great source to gladden, excite, motivate and invigorate---as long as we resist to compare and compete. Mark your calendar and be prepared to be inspired!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Help Japan

My friend is sponsoring a big yard/bake sale
at Founders Park in Centerville,Utah (300N 100E)
today, Saturday, March 19th.
ALL of the proceeds
go to help the people in Japan
who are in desperate need.
If you're in the area, please go support a great cause.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Burst of Sun

It seems that sunburst mirrors
are all the rage now in interior design. You can imagine my delight
when I happened upon this little beauty in the thrift store. It looks like it may have been a school shop project. With a fresh coat of paint it is the perfect addition
to the bare wall in our guest room.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Obsession

The other day as I looked around my home
I was reminded of a joke that my youngest son would tell when he was a preschooler. He would ask, "Mom, what's under there?"
to which I would reply, "Under where?"
and then he would begin to snicker as only a little boy can
who thinks he tricked his mother into saying a naughty word.Well it seems that I have
an "under where" obsession
. Nearly every item in my home that has space under it I have managed to fill. Yes, I do seem to enjoy "what's under there."

Monday, March 14, 2011


I am a member of the Sandwich Generation. I am raising a teenager, caring for an aging parent,
and helping to care for a grandchild.
Life can get busy when you're sandwiched with family duties
and when it does extras, like blogging, fall down on the list.
It is why I disappeared from my blog last week.
I don't mind being sandwiched between generations.
It really is a blessing to be able to serve the ones I love.
Although I wish that, like honey, I would always be sweet in a sticky situation or,
like peanut butter, I could be spread smoothly instead of being such a big nut. But all in all my life is good.
In fact, it really has a lot of flavor.
(Okay, I think I hit my pun limit for the day)

Friday, March 4, 2011

It's In The Packaging

You know how an inexpensive gift can look fabulous if you package it beautifully? The same is true with centerpieces. Because I have the opportunity to do several centerpieces a year on a very tight budget I've figured out ways to make a single flower look almost as good as a full bouquet.
First start with the vase. You've likely seen these hurricanes around blogland. They're made from a dollar store candlestick and vase. Glue the two using a strong adhesive. I've made two sets of these using different sizes of vases.Next, use an inexpensive filler which can also be purchased at the dollar store. Rocks, marbles, sea glass, all give added visual interest to a bouquet without a lot of added cash. The filler also helps anchor the flower so that one flower doesn't look so lonely. It's also good to use a flower with a larger head like a spider mum.
Finish off the arrangement by adding interest to the outside of the vase. I wanted this centerpiece to have a masculine vibe so I wrapped the vase with wide ribbon tied with twine. I sat the whole thing on top of a small mirror and a piece of hardboard (from the building supply section).
The entire centerpiece, vase and all, cost around five dollars.
It's all in the packaging!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Desperate Blogger

What is a blogger, who has a list of things she wants to create but no time for creating and is desperate for a new post, to do? Well that's easy! Grab the latest thrift find, in this case a garden armillary,
and give it a fresh coat of paint. Then to complete the gratuitous post she can add it to previously shown vignette.
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