Friday, November 18, 2011

My Neighbors Might Wonder

I'm sure that if my neighbors looked into
my home in the evening
they would stop and take a second look.
They might be puzzled or bewildered.
They might wonder if I had lost my sense of style.
Wouldn't you if you saw such a sight?
It's just my way of trying to decide
which style of shade I like most for my thrifted,
, oversize lamps.
Tell me, which style do you like most?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What's Old Is New

This is one of the last remaining original cabinets in our home that has not been removed or had a paint make-over. It will eventually be replaced with a beautiful thrift store piece that we will fit a bathroom sink into. When we first moved into our home I was overwhelmed with the amount of cheap, ugly, cabinets and hardware. But little by little we have managed to turn ugly into lovely on a very tight budget, which even surprises me.
I remember our first year in this home when I counted all of the cabinet handles on our first floor. It amounted to over one hundred!
I knew if I could only replace the ugly antique brass it would update the cabinetry, but with so many pieces even that could prove costly. So little by little we removed some doors, some entire cabinets, and then primed and painted what remained until our home began to look like ours instead of a contractor's bargain build.
Years ago I couldn't wait to get rid of the antique brass hardware but, ironically, just a few weeks ago I added antique brass back.
It looks beautiful against the now painted, but still original (cheap) cabinetry. Of course I would love to have all new cabinets in my home but I am very content with the beauty that I have been able to achieve with a small amount of money, time, and energy. It's very rewarding to be able to make a house
your home!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Coffee Table Talk

I've been making some changes to our living room. What can I say, I get bored with the same old look after a while. As much as I loved the coffee table we made from an old door, I couldn't resist buying this authentic factory cart from a cabinet factory that was going out of business. It's currently loaded with pumpkins.
A real pumpkin is resting on a gorgeous thrifted frame
and the pumpkins that I made last year
are grouped inside a wooden box,
also a thrift store find,
that I added a handle to give it the look of an old drawer.
I love to change things around because it makes me look at
old things in a new way.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Pilgrim and Helping a Friend

On my front porch there stands a grinning little fellow. He's a Pilgrim constructed from a large pole. I made him years ago when I was in my tole painting phase. He's a little outdated but how could I get rid of such a happy decoration. I love my Thanksgiving decorations!

My friend Meg
loves her Christmas decorations and is anxious to put them up. However her husband has given her a challenge. She has written and illustrated a beautiful book with an awesome message, which is a feat for anyone but most especially for Meg because she's quadriplegic. Her husband has challenged her to sell a few books before she pulls out her Christmas decor. If you want to buy a meaningful gift for someone special, go listen as Meg reads her book. If you love the message you can purchase the book. It's a gift that will make the recipient happy, as well as my friend Meg. Then everyone will be grinning like my little pole Pilgrim!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Autumnal Scenes

My "official" Thanksgiving decorations
are still packed away.
But this morning I am enjoying the early rays of sunlight
shining upon the few autumnal scenes
I have thrown together in my living room.
I love this time of year!
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