Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Trophy Love

I have a love for vintage trophies. Unfortunately I cannot afford their 
high price tag. 
I've been lucky to find a few  
small ones at the thrift store, even though 
I've also gathered a couple of newer metal trophies but I wasn't fond of the
 shiny yellow gold.
I tossed around a few ideas for giving them  
a little age. I could spray paint them but I wanted a warm silver not a shiny one so I decided to try removing the shiny finish with 
paint stripper and steel wool. 
It worked perfectly! Although I would still love to find 
a real vintage trophy,
  this small collection of faux vintage trophies makes me happy too.


THE Princess Bombshell* said...

randomness: Hey Joy, have you ever showed us your kitchen? I bet it's super cute.

Michele Latham said...

What a fun idea! My dad was an athlete in the 50's, you've inspired me to get out some of his old trophies for display!

Joy said...

THE Princess,
Thanks for asking about my kitchen. I've showed bits and pieces (the table, wreaths hanging from the cupboards at Christmas, our DIY granite counter top, and a couple of cabinets) but I've never done a full post on it. I'll have to pull one together one day---after I recover my chairs, spruce up a cupboard, and build the new island of my dreams. I'm slowly getting back into the swing of DIY and those are among the next projects on my list.

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