Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bottle Brush Tree Mantle

My love for decorating for the holidays comes from my mother. Every year she would adorn our home with the trinkets and baubles that represented each celebration. Both she and my father knew how to be creative on a shoe string budget. It's been many years since my father passed but I think of him nearly every time I build something just as I think of my mom whenever I decorate, expecially at Christmas.
Although my mother is still alive she is suffering from the affects of Alzheimer's. The other day as I decorated her home for Christmas I reminded her of Christmases past and of the work she would go to to make our home festive and beautiful. I am so very grateful for her and the effort she made to create wonderful memories of home. 
  Some of the decorations I remember from my childhood are brass reindeer and bottle brush trees. Because those things are associated with happy memories I have managed to collect a few along the years.
This year I thought it fitting to decorate our family room mantle with the symbols from my youth and share with my children the stories of years gone by.

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Gayle said...

Wow Joy - You've assembled quite a variety of styles & colors for your bottle brush trees - looks lovely!

BTW - I took a white elephant gift to a gathering today, and wrapped it in a bag using the instructions you shared recently. THANKS!

Old Time Cindy said...

Your mantle is truly stunning!

joanne said...

beautiful...and I see your tree peeking in the mirror! Cherish all those wonderful memories and carry them in you sweet loving heart. take care .;j

Alicia Conway said...

It seems to me that those trees were created specially for the mirror behind. They accompany each other perfectly well.


Becky said...

This is so beautiful in so many ways.
I love the idea of celebrating and sharing memories of the past. We have the tree topper that my husband grew up with and I find it so special.

Jeanette Atkinson said...

I am a blog stalker of yours for a couple of years now. My dad passed away from Alzheimers 2 years ago, but came to stay at my house during the Christmas season his last year alive. Although unable to communicate, you could tell he loved the smell of shortbread baking, the familiar flavor with egg nog, and the inherited decorations I had from his mom. I am so glad you decorated for her, I am sure she loved it!

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