Friday, August 29, 2008

Picture Yourself Organized

It's the last holiday weekend of the summer.
Are you wondering what to do?
You could spend some time reading some of the blogs
that were late to the paint party.
Then, you could make something pretty and useful.
Yes, I think it's time for...


Today we're going to create some beautiful organizational tools.

First, gather your supplies. You'll need:
*a large picture frame
*your choice of spray paint
*a heavy duty stapler (doesn't everyone have one of these?)
*a roll of hardware mesh or poultry wire---both can be found in the fencing section of home improvement stores
*wire cutters or tin snips
*saw tooth hangers (optional)
Next, paint your frame the color you desire.
When it's dry, unroll the wire "fabric"
and measure and cut it
to fit inside the frame.
The poultry wire can be cut with wire cutters, but
the hardware mesh is more easily cut using tin snips.

Pull and staple the wire to the back side of the frame.
You may need an extra set of
helping hands for this step.
You can get fancy and add some ribbon
to the front of the frame if you'd like.

I also added some S hooks that I squeezed
one end shut onto the wire.

Are you wondering what we just made?

Well, if you used hardware wire and added S hooks,
you just made
a great frame to hang your jewelry on.
If you used poultry wire, just add some binder clips
and you have a pretty memo board.
You can even customize these.
The addition of a knob makes a plain frame
look like a cabinet door.
Instead of binder clips, you can use clothes pins.
You can even paint and cover your clothes pins
with scrapbook paper.
That's the beauty of this project, it's very versatile!
If you want to hang your frame, add sawtooth hangers.
Or just lean your frame against the wall.

You've just been framed for organization.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to Basics

It's been great to take a break from the basic black routine. I've enjoyed painting with new colors. And after all the inspiration from the party, I'm looking forward to trying a few more. But sometimes only the color black will do.
I've been looking for some stools for my kitchen for some time now. I finally found some that had a great design and were well built. The best part about my find was that these nice little stools were at the thrift store!
There was only one drawback. The stools were a dark blue and I don't have any blue in my kitchen. I do have black. I have a black table and a black cabinet. So it only made sense that these cute little stools had to be black.
I used the handy dandy liquid sander before I painted because these stools will get a lot of wear and I don't want the new paint to chip. Liquid sander works like sanding. It takes the gloss off the original finish and prepares it for a new coat of paint.
I like my little stools all dressed in black. They'll fit right in with the other black furniture in my kitchen.
It's always nice to find what you've been looking for, and get it for a great price.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Thank You & A Look A-Head

Thank you all so much for participating in my first ever blog party. I think it was a great success---because of all my wonderfully creative and talented friends. You all amazed me. There have been a few late comers, so check on them too. It was so fun to see the many ways spray paint can transform things. I know that I've added a few more projects to my ever growing spray paint list. I'm beginning to think it might be a wise idea to buy stock in spray paint companies. That way I might be able to recoup some of the large amounts of money I spend on those marvelous little cans.

And speaking of spray paint. . .

I went to the blue big box home improvement store to buy more paint and look what I found.I couldn't pass this guy up. Look at that toothy grin.
You can't be afraid of an old thing like this.
It has good bones...bwahhhaahaahaa!!!

I'm not putting out my Halloween decorations yet,
but I thought I'd give you a little preview of things "a-head."
Thanks Susie for the "heads up" on the crows.

Now you can see why this guy
out the door with me.
He's just too much fun!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Party On

Let's keep this party going one more day.

Monday, August 25, 2008


It's Time to Celebrate the
Wonders of Spray Paint!

I've showed you my
"paint outside the black box" projects.

Now it's time to show off yours.

It will be fun to see all the
different colors you've chosen,

including our favorites, white and black.
(Yes, it's fine to show off something black)
I'm as excited as a kindergarten girl
opening a new box of crayons!

Let's start clicking and commenting!

Friday, August 22, 2008

I See Sea Glass

Last week I stood in front of rows of paint trying to find a color that I would love as much as my black. I found this beautiful Sea Glass in a satin finish. I knew right away that I would love it because it reminds me of a room in my home.
Now I just had to find an item to cover with this delightful color.
Out in storage I found this little beauty.
I had adopted her at the thrift store. She's old, beat up, and even a bit warped (I hope that's not how my kids describe me). I knew that her previous owners wanted someone to love her because before they donated her they slathered her up with a heavy coat of furniture oil. It took forever for that stuff to soak in, that's why she was in storage. But, with a new finish she could come out and enjoy family life in a room that she would relate to in color.
You know, the true beauty of sea glass is that it's a bit rough looking. So after a couple of nice coats of spray paint I covered the little table with some white glaze, to show off the details as well as the wear. Then out came the sand paper to sand the spots that would have worn naturally. And just like a piece of sea glass, the beauty of my newly made-over table came shining through.
And speaking of beauty. . . go visit Chelle and Nikki to see their beautiful five minute projects. Don't forget to leave them a little love note.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends. Get your spray paint projects ready for Monday, cuz we're going to have a PARTY!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


OOOOHH! May I just say that this non-black spray paint week is turning out much better than I anticipated! I'm discovering new colors and, on top of that, every project has been one that I've pulled out of storage and am now using in my home. Double Bonus!
See this little country cabinet. . .
I purchased it at the thrift store years ago and it's been in storage ever since. That's why it's so dusty. I put it in the donate pile a few times, but it always managed to find it's way home. I decided that it was time to give it a makeover or give it away. It just happens to be the perfect size to fit in the alcove, above the potty, in my boys bathroom. It now has a new home, so it's time to give it a new look.
I chose to paint it espresso.
Yes, I used my new little gadget. (I tried to answer all of your questions about this new tool in the comment area of Tuesdays post.) I also used my mask---safety first! If you were standing next to me when I took this picture you would have noticed that those pesky little vegetables are trying to show through the paint. I'm not too worried because I have a plan. But this is a good time to be reminded that if you're painting over an existing finish, it's important to give it a good sanding and use primer.
I'm going to hide those pesky vegies with wallpaper. I really like combining wallpaper with wood. I did it when I covered the back of my china cabinet and when I made the decorations for my daughter's wedding.

Wallpaper is thicker than regular paper and it's handy for covering big areas. You can usually buy it for just a couple of dollars at thrift stores and garage sales. I paid a dollar for a brand new roll of this pinstripe walpaper.I cut the paper to size and then adhered it to the doors.
*HELPFUL HINT* Those plastic fake credit cards, that you get in the mail as advertisements, come in handy for smoothing out the wallpaper.
Then I hung it, decorated it, and filled it full of bathroom necessities. It has a new, useful life and I think it looks looks great!

I hope you're getting your spray paint projects ready for Monday's party.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Intervention Interruption

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Projects, Smiles, and a Shelf

Hasn't it been fun to see so many variations of one five minute project? Well, I've got two more great ones for you to see. Take a blog trip to visit my friends Darlene and Emily and don't forget to make their day by leaving a note, cuz you know how we all love kind comments!
Ooohhh, and look what sweet Sue gave me.
Isn't she so very nice to think of me? Isn't this a wonderful award? Aaaaww, you know me by now, I'm giving it to ALL of you because every single one of you make me smile. Please feel free to take it home with you. Go visit Sue for the rules that I didn't follow. I'm so rebellious!

It is officially day two of my black spray paint intervention. Cherry suggested that maybe I should host a "Spray paint outside the black box" party. Everyone loves a good party right? What do you think friends? I could throw the party next Monday. That would give you all time to find just the perfect project to paint any color other than black. It might be a challenge because we love our black spray paint. But it could be fun. . .

Speaking of non-black projects, this is my newest.
I bought this shelf on sale at a little boutique. It was the last one, so I snatched it up. I thought I knew right where it would hang, but when I got it home it was too large for the chosen area. I tried it in other spots in my house but the deep brownish red color limited my options. I did think of painting it black, but since it's so big I didn't want the color to be overwhelming. So I decided that Dark Taupe would be a better option.Since I was experimenting with color I thought I'd experiment with gadgets too. See that attachment on my spray can? I cost less than two dollars. You just snap it on any can and then you pull the trigger. Oh! Let me tell you, it's easy and makes you feel just like a spray paint professional!After the paint was dry I took the sander to distress the shelf and bring out the details in the tin that you didn't really notice when it was a darker color.I like the shelf makeover. Dare I say that I'm glad I chose not to paint it black?!?! Now I'm off to find the perfect place for it to hang.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Surrounded and Surprised

You are a true addict when you try to stop but find that you have surrounded yourself with friends who have the same addiction! My wonderful friends, I'm going to try this withdrawal despite the fact that most of you told me that I don't have an addiction, or that it's a good addiction to have, and are admitted black spray paint addicts yourself.
Now repeat after me. . . "CHANGE IS GOOD!" Great!
Please don't fear!
We're only going to try this for a week.
Come on, with everyone's help, we can do it!
Yes, change is good.

I decided that I'd try not only a change in paint color, but a change in brand. I must confess that I am a bit of a spray paint snob. I buy only one brand because it has always been the one I can depend on. But I found myself standing in front of spray paint at a discount store and, after seeing the ridiculously cheap price of .90 cents, I thought that I didn't have much to lose.I picked up this can and read, "Cap Approximates Color of Contents". I thought I was buying a nice, neutral gray. I gave it a spray at home and was surprised to see that my paint purchase was labeled "sterling silver."A few days later, I ran across these little metal insects that I had stored away. They were quite the rage a few summers ago and I'd purchased a few of the rusty looking little critters. Even though they're a bit out of style, I couldn't bring myself to abandon them.
So there was just one thing to do,
(let's say it all together now)
I know that black would have been a good color choice, but remember I'm on a quest,
so here was my opportunity to
try something new---a new color and a new brand.

I lined my guinea pigs in a row and began to spray.
Then I began to giggle with glee!
To my surprise,
a new color and a new, cheap brand
was actually working for me.
I was getting that same spray paint high!
I did it!
I managed to have the courage to change
and it paid off!
I'm hosting a garden party in a few weeks.
I think these little sassy sterling silver critters
will be a fun addition to the buffet table.

I'm linking you to a few more surprises. Check out the projects these lovely ladies have done and make their day by leaving them with some happy thoughts.
Visit Strawberry Blonde, and Angie to see more ideas for five minute projects. Then see Sue, she's made a five minute project, and see her version of the mint tray.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I Need An Intervention!

Several years ago I decorated my home with shabby/cottage decor. Back then I would buy or paint everything a beautiful shade of cream and then distress it. I love the cottage look, but I found that as I made home improvements, my tastes began to change. I held on to some of my shabby pieces and put them away in my storage room. The other day I came across a few pieces and decided there was just one thing to do, "Paint them black!" But, an interesting thing happened as I was painting (could it be the paint fumes?). I started to wonder what my new favorite color will be in a few years.
I have always liked cream and black accessories for the number one reason that they are neutral. I move things around in my house all the time so I need things that will look good in every room. I have rooms painted in shades of red, shades of green, and shades of blue. My rooms aren't neutral, so my accessories need to be.
But, I'm beginning to think that maybe I have hit my quota on black accessories. Could it be?
I have noticed a few warning signs:
My children run for fear of being painted when they see me pick up a can of black spray paint.
My neighbors are asking if I've been hired to decorate for funerals.
The guy at the paint store told me that they can have cases of black paint delivered directly to my door, and shipping will be free since I buy in bulk. . . .
OH NO, I THINK I NEED AN INTERVENTION!!!!OKAY! I've taken the first step.
I've admitted I have a problem.
The next step is to vow to change.
(Did anyone notice I said, "try")
Now all that's left is to ask for support.
I know that I can not go a week
without painting anything.

I can't be expected to give up all of my addictions.
But, I need your suggestions.
What color can I start using that will be neutral, yet rich and fulfilling like my black paint is?!?!?
Oh please! I vow to make some changes,
but I need your help.

In exchange, I promise to document
my black paint withdrawal all next week.

But before you go. I've got one more five minute idea for you to see. Go check out Annie's cute project. And for those of you who have plans to finish yours this weekend, I'll be happy to link to you next week too.
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